When Lover Reborn opens, Tohr’s grief is by no means over, not by a long shot. . J. R. Ward has started a trend of revisiting one of the previous couples in the. Lover Reborn by J. R. Ward He hasn’t fed from another woman in quite some time and his frame is becoming gaunt and weak. With each swipe. “Life was short, no matter how many days you were granted. And people were precious, each and every one, no matter how many you were.

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View all 50 comments. It just felt all kinds of wrong to me. I love seeing them, even if they only have a few words to say. I just know it’s going to be great! Sadly, not much happens with them in this book, but The fact that it was him who suggested Qhuinn deborn get some recognition for his brave actions was such a neat move.

That was why he loved her, because she was a tough, strong, independent woman. Still, not enough details. He needs to grow so much to be able to reach Blay.

Let’s Talk Lover Reborn by JR Ward

I knew to expect some slang going in, but I swear I like how we’re finding out more and more about Xcor and what makes him tick, and oh boy, if he ever does connect with view spoiler [ Layla hide spoiler ]look out!

After the sap out in last book, I was dreading more Xcor and BoB scenes, but turns out they’re still interesting and edgy. I also suggest staying away from the comment section, if you do not want to read spoilers. It wasn’t about finding a new love to replace Wellsie in his heart, but finding the courage to accept what was and move forward. And I’m assuming some people will be mad at Qhuinn for caring so much about her after it, but come on, IF this had to happen, he’d be an even bigger asshole if he didn’t act like this now, tbh.


Our future has come. From a spiritual perspective, an unbreakable bond formed between them that is pivotal to the healing that is necessary for both.

Lover Reborn

This book just kind of Blay and Saxton are still together hello desk sex. See, there is a first time for everything. And is Autumn ready to move on too? Ward in the process of putting it on paper. Why do they need to do this? Nothing was easy for them in any part of the book, and it made me love them even more The premise of the love plot: Or when she never saw them in the mansion after weeks lovet waiting?

I want Layla to run away with Xcor and have his babies. It wasn’t the case for JM and Xhex. BDB fans of course! Ward began working in health care in Boston and spent many years as j.r.warv of staff for one of the premier academic medical centres in the US.

I love when this happens because the males just go out of control with lust.

Now go populate the earth! She always said hat jewels were fussy. I will be doing another reading of it asap. Being the tough, independent woman she is, Xhex can’t stand the thought of not fighting with the Brothers, but after loosing Wellsie and watching the torture Tohr has gone through, John understandably can’t stand the thought of possibly loosing her.


At first I thought, so soon?! I was pleasantly surprised. Btw, during all her ordeal against the oppression of testosteronewhere the fuck was Payne? This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

Despite this I think this book came too soon and didn’t do justice to Tohr, his needs, and his relationship with neither Wellsie or No’One. Tohr reconnects with a woman from his past before Wellsie –No ‘One.

I’m rather enjoying this storyline. Ooooh, they do something that could have far reaching consequences. In other words, please don’t kill Saxton off, JRW. Over all, I liked this book.

They do things here that… can never be forgiven.

Let’s Talk Lover Reborn by JR Ward

And in our case, two wrongs do not make a right. J.r.wrad Xcor and Layla might be hooking up. She’s so worried about getting her servicing “job” taken from her, she’s ready to sell her mum if needed. That shit was crazy town” There’s a good reason why Xhex is my fave!

Here are some thoughts that I’ll share, however