Das Rheingold. Music and Libretto by Richard Wagner. First Performance as a single opera. Munich, Königliches Hof und National Theater, September 22, Das Rheingold / English translation by Frederick Jameson ; vollständiger Klavierauszug erleichterte Bearb. von K. Klindworth. URL to cite or. The Ring of the Nibelung: German – English libretto Das Rheingold (English and German Edition) [Richard Wagner, Polina Zinoviev] on *FREE*.

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Through the ring of gold his greed still descries where’er new treasure lies hid in the clefts: Fafner What means thy threat?

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He who forged me the one makes me another; still mine is the might that Mime obeys. He remains in speechless rage gazing upward, when suddenly he is attracted and chained by the following spectacle. Wotan lachend Ha ha ha!

Fricka O soon return to thy sorrowing wife! Helft vor den Harten! Wotan rheungold Loge seize him and drag him up to the surface. Wotan The ring I must win me! Woglinde, Flosshilde lachend Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

The maidens think they have nothing to fear from the lustful dwarf, but Alberich, embittered by their mockery, curses love, seizes the gold and returns to his chasm, leaving them screaming in dismay.


Loge and Froh hastily heap up the treasure between the poles. In the new kind of musical drama, he wrote, the traditional operatic norms of chorus, arias and vocal numbers would have no part. Wotan and Loge laugh.

To hollow and height my whim drives me on; house and hearth delight me rheinngold. The waves have gradually changed into clouds, which little by little become librettto, and at length disperse into a fine mist. Retrieved 27 July Synopses of Opera Index of Operas by Composer. What thy spear wards serves but for sport, all the runes of weighty bargains? Firm and close fill up the gauge! Fafner Halt no longer!

Although it is sometimes performed independently, Das Rheingold is not generally considered outside the structure librett the Ring cycle.

The earth goddess warns Wotan to yield the Ring, which spells doom for the gods. Woglinde Let liibretto go near him! Loge Immer ist Undank Loges Lohn! The complete Ring cycle librettk an entity was not staged in Australia until They let themselves sink a little.

Gezahlt hab’ ich; nun lass’ mich zieh’n: Hier wird der Vorhang aufgezogen. Fricka is worried for her sister, but Wotan is confident that Logethe demigod of fire, will find an alternative payment.


Das Rheingold – Wikipedia

He almost reaches them, falls back again, and again tries to catch them. See how thy laughing lightness has brought us all disgrace and shame! Viel Schlimmes schuf er uns schon, doch stets bestrickt er dich wieder.

Wellgunde Rescue the gold! Die Nibelungen steigen aus der Kluft herauf, mit den Geschmeiden des Hortes beladen.

He drives Mime with blows of his whip into the crowd of Nibelungs. Then say, who am I?

Luge, Liebster, dort liegt die Welt, die du Lungrer gewinnen dir willst: From a dark chasm Alberich climbs up one of the rocks. Rhsingold du Banger in ihm dich baden, so schwimm’ und schwelge mit uns!

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Wandel und Wechsel liebt wer lebt; das Spiel drum kann ich nicht sparen! Seek thee a sweetheart whom thou dost please! At the end, Wagner acknowledged Ludwig as the “sole benefactor and co-creator” of the work.