: Bangkok 8: A Royal Thai Detective Novel (1) (): John Burdett: Books. A thriller with attitude to spare, Bangkok 8 is a sexy, razor-edged, often darkly hilarious novel set in one of the world’s most exotic cities. A thriller with attitude to spare, Bangkok 8 is a sexy, razor-edged, often darkly hilarious novel set in one of the world’s most exotic cities. Witnessed by a throng of.

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Originally presented as a workmanlike, perhaps demure, but probably ineffective FBI agent is quickly and without provocation, transformed into an inadequate, attention-starved trope, bkrdett herself into a whore by her own admission.

Despite an anti-climactic last chapter, the novel’s structure is solid. It takes place in the back parlour of a bar owned by a Russian pimp. And if the Abbot was so wise, why did he tell the Colonel to give Fatima the video, when all these terrible consequences resulted?

The Buddha was very clear that some professions would bar one from obtaining Nirvana, and being a prostitute is one of them. Sonchai Jitpleecheep—a devout Buddhist, equally versed in the sacred and the profane—son of a long-gone Vietnam War G. His fashion sensibilities help him detect if someone’s threads are a knock-off, and he can identify any perfume from just a whiff. And the WHY is in the context of the deep, philosophical yet also cynically realistic eyes of the protagonist, a Buddhist un-corrupted Thai cop, who himself is half-American.

Discover what to read next. At the heart of this novel, and in the heart of Sonchai gangkok well, is the tension between East and West.

But I didn’t find it very thrilling, perhaps because the main character, Sonchai, was never really in any danger at any This book gave me jlhn insight into Thailand’s sex bangkokk and helped me understand a bit better, at an emotional level, why some girls choose to go into prostitution.

The hospitality and good nature of the people is legendary and very seductive, so I guess the answer is yes. Bangkok 8 Lib CD Author s: This book gave me some insight into Thailand’s sex industry and helped me understand a bit better, at an emotional level, why some girls burdett to go into prostitution.


I lived in Bangkok for 3 years and Burdett’s perceptions of Bangkok and the Thais are facile and sneering, laced with cultural chauvinism the two often seem to go hand in handwith caricatures rather than characters littering this book. It takes you into another world and exposes you to different ways of thinking. I thought the murderer was obvious pretty early on, so I probably would not have kept reading except that this was a bookclub selection. The book opens on a truly inventive and grisly crime that really speaks to the grime and imagination promised in Burdett’s Burrett.

Bangkok Eight

Certainly the bar-girl is now a very familiar figure in the English language paperbacks for sale at Phuket and Bangkok airports, and Burdett, an English former lawyer who now lives in the Far East, has returned to the theme in his new book. Read ojhn to blow your mind. Jun 03, Pages Buy. Leonard would never waste this many words to get a point across.

Aug 30, Apatt rated it it was ok. Burdett now divides his time between Bangkok and southwest… More about John Burdett. I think the cover of this edition does it justice, as the night life of Bangkok has a decided influence. Bangkok 8 Author s: The former monk and devout Buddhist, forever battling to protect his karma from the assaults of morally compromising cases, is now faced with the most horrifying technological innovation to make its way to the streets of Bangkok, and a conspiracy of almost unfathomable reach.

This book could have been trimmed by at least pages. There are bkrdett few Thai words thrown in here and there also. That is, despite being so terribly preoccupied with literal banging.

James Ellroywho writes the sort of novels I most dislike, calls this book, “The last, most compelling word in thrillers. While this is not what I would call noirit definitely is dark. Thailand was the only place to really relax and I went about four times a year for most of those twelve years.

The sex industry in Thailand is smaller per capita than in Taiwan, the Philippines or the United States. Quotes from Bangkok 8. You cannot sneak into anybody else’s.


Juxtaposed is the investigative nonchalance and Buddhist acceptance of an ” arhat ” jojn who can meditate even in a Bangkok traffic-jam. The cast is full of dirty and corrupt people you kind of fall in love with. His mother is a retried sex worker, and he is a non-currupt detective who following the 8 fold path of Buddhism. Bar-girls, brothels and sex are very much a part of both that first book and the new one, Bangkok Tattoo, not least because Sonchai’s own mother, Nong, was a bar-girl and our hero is the result of a brief union with one of her American clients.

And now I must return this copy of the book to burcett library, while I wait for my copy to arrive in the mail — so that I can reread this fabulous book with a keener eye, and sharpened pencil. The name of a Thai cigarett brand mentioned in the book should be spelled as “Krong Thip,” not “Krung Thip” which Burdett tried to stylized it to be very close to “Krung Thep.

Review: Bangkok Tattoo by John Burdett | Books | The Guardian

He admits it himself in the forward. Nor is it a book about Buddhism, and it certainly isn’t a book about Thailand. Not sure I will read sequels. No wonder James Ellroy praises the novel; this is his kind of thing. However, despite its faults, I can’t honestly say that I didn’t like it. This page was last edited on 22 Februaryat Jan 05, Rick rated it really liked it Shelves: View all 11 comments.

It’s extremely obvious that it was written by some American who had a few token conversations with Thai people and thought he could write stories f I didn’t enjoy this book at all. Feb 12, Tara rated it it was ok Recommends it for: An Arhant is an ancient term used for monks who archieve the higest spiritual knowledge possible for typical monks to acquire when alive.

The main character is what I call a “mixo” — thai mother, african-american father.