View and Download Hioki BT instruction manual online. BATTERY TESTER . BT Test Equipment pdf manual download. Also for: Bt View and Download Hioki instruction manual online. BATTERY HiTESTER. Test Equipment pdf manual download. comparator tables and send them back to the Pencil The enhanced measurement current in the . HIOKI (Shanghai) Sales & Trading Co., Ltd.: .

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Don’t have an account? Discarding The Instrument 9. Replace the battery compartment cover. If the measured object exhibits other electrical characteristics in addition to resistance, as shown in the below image, we can use the synchronous detection system to obtain the effective resistance of the object.

If the measurement target exhibits other electrical characteristics in addition to pure resistance, as shown in this figure, the synchronous detection system can be used to obtain the effective resistance of the measurement target. A remote control switch for storing measurement values Using the optional Remote Control Switch makes it possible to store and load measurement values through a simple press of a button.

Since the pin can be inserted diagonally in hard-to- reach spots, it also makes measurement possible in virtually any location. If you have installed Application Software for in another directory, enter the path to that directory instead of the one shown in the example above.

To avoid the bioki of explosion, do not short circuit, disassemble or incinerate batteries. After receipt of the table of permissible values is complete, click [OK].


Select the comparator number. Click Click [Delete Data]. How to use Battery Testers: Setting The Clock 2.

Also, do not conduct measurement when the instrument is turned off. Names And Functions Of Parts 1. After replacing the batteries, replace the cover before using the instrument. The following condi- tions can be set. Reliable measurement values Since it uses the four-terminal AC method to measure inter- nal resistance, this instrument can obtain reliable measure Time 354 for measurement is reduced since the instrument is capable of measuring live wires without requiring the UPS system to be shut down.

operations manual hioki 3554

To avoid electrocution, turn off the power switch and disconnect the test lead before removing the lithium battery. To obtain maximum performance hjoki the instrument, please read this manual first, and keep it handy for future reference.

Hioi this key once to mmanual the current setting. The service life of parts varies with the operating environment and frequency of use. Maximum Rated Voltage to Earth Between all measurement terminals and grounds: Bluetooth label only for BT p. Page 13 Notation of the This Manual Indicates a prohibited action. Test Lead Options Designed to have a weight of only about g, it can be used for measurement over a long period of time without tiring the user. For this reason, resistance values may differ between the case side and the tip of a terminal.

The following dialog box will appear and then click [Yes]. Refer to “Section 7. The graph below shows the relation between storage capacity and default value of internal resistance in a lead-acid battery.


operations manual hioki |

Reading Out Stored Data 5. Include cushioning material so the instrument cannot move within the package. Connect the test lead to a new or good battery. Click [Transfer] on the Edit Comparator Table dialog box. Accuracy We define measurement tolerances in terms of f. Click [Transfer] hiokii the Edit Comparator Table dialog box. Use these judgement values to determine battery wear judgement values. Use commercially available hook-and-loop fasteners when securing to the carrying case.

Saved data can be cancelled by pressing the key. Press key three times. In such a case, clean the terminal removing the insulation before measurement. In this example, unit C has Press keys to select been selected Starting The Software 7. As a battery wears out, in general its internal resistance will grow to approximately 1. This will turn off the disconnect-detection feature.

Manua, transfer times given are approximations. Do not plug in or unplug the USB cable while the instrument is operating.


Saving To Memory 5. Click [Exit] on the initialisation hloki. Power to the internal measurement circuitry will be turned off, and the instrument will shift to low power mode. Select the memory number to be read out. A number from 1 to can be selected.