Regulations apply to state waters of the Gulf and Atlantic. (please visit: MyFWC. com/Fishing/Saltwater/Recreational for the .. FWC – Division of Marine Fisheries Management, Executive Center Circle East, Tallahassee. Below is a brief summary of regulations governing the taking of saltwater species The FWC issues lifetime licenses to Florida residents for hunting, freshwater. We do our best to keep up, but for the most current regulations it is best to visit the Florida Fish & Wildlife Commision site at FWC’s Saltwater.

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Default Bag Limit for Unregulated Species: Also, it is against the law to intentionally discard any monofilament netting sltwater line into or onto state waters.

Castnets may be used as harvesting gear for the following species only: When fishing, always carry your fishing license or proof of exemption a valid drivers license or photo ID showing your age and residency.

Monofilament line can entangle birds, marine mammals, marine turtles and fish, often injuring or killing them. For bag limits and sizes see the chart of Saltwater Species Quick Chart. This information relates to recreational hunting and fishing only.

Federal Regulations – Gulf of Mexico Fishery Management Council

Please fix this so you can set a map location and it will stay. Florida Go Fishing assumes NO liability or responsibility for any errors or omissions in the information contained here.

This used to be my favorite fishing rules app. We have little structure for fish to congregate, so bringing the fish to you with fish chum is a must.


The principal is held in perpetuity to ensure future funding for fish and wildlife programs. Beach or haul seines may be used as harvesting gear for the following species only: Prior to the update, I could set the map on my normal home area, Panama City Beach and the app would always open to that location and load species and rules saltwarer that region.

It is not intended, or designed to provide specific information on commercial harvesting of these species. Families of ornamental reef fish surgeonfish, t rumpetfish, angelfish, butterflyfish, porcupinefish, cornetfish, squirrelfish, trunkfish, damselfish, parrotfish, pipefish, seahorse, puffers, triggerfish except gray and ocean.

Now it is just a frustration having to reset the map location after each regulation view. Florida Fish and Wildlife – visit their site for up to date rules and regulations on dive down flags.

Recreational Regulations

State waters extend to 3 nautical miles on the Atlantic and 9 nautical miles on the Gulf. Lawsticks and Lawstickers Florida Sportsman condensed state and federal regulations for Gulf and Atlantic waters into simple lawsticks and lawstickers for easy, on-the-water use. The earlier you make your purchase, the bigger the savings. Nets The following types of nets may be used for recreational purposes in Florida waters: For license and permit information including application forms regarding captive wildlife, freshwater commercial fishing and alligator trapping, follow this link.

The fee’s for licenses depend on whether you are a resident of Florida or non-resident. For avid sportsmen who want the convenience of securing licensing, once and for all, for all your hunting or fishing activities, the lifetime license is for you.


The department must furnish proof to such clients. Rfgulations Guard and Bahamian officials for current information.

So sad to see this happen to an amazing app! The principal is held in perpetuity to ensure future funding for fish and wildlife programs. We indicate these zones on our GPS Saltwatrr pages for easy reference.

After update, it automatically sets my location to Ga State Waters because that is where I live. Like Fish Rules on Facebook: In this instance, you are subject to the environmental saltwaer of the Bahamas and a violation of their rules may constitute a violation of U.

Possesion of a spear gun in or on freshwater is also prohibited.

Florida Fishing Regulations

It was a lot easier to be able to see favorites via pictures. Bag limits are daily limits for the 24 hour period beginning at regulatiojs and ending the following midnight. Many anglers are unsure or unaware of how bag and possession limits affect them during fishing trips which exceed one fishing day.

It is not intended or designed to provide specific information on commercial taking of these species. Vessel operators must make a reasonable effort to maintain a distance of at least feet from divers-down flags on open waters and at least feet from flags on rivers, inlets or navigation channels.