The FPGEC Application Bulletin provides valuable information on applying for FPGEC Certification and should be used as the primary source of information to. More information is available in the FPGEC Candidate Application Bulletin. Prior to the release of your FPGEE score, all scores are carefully validated. FPGEE. Foreign Pharmacy Graduate Equivalency Examination®. ®. Candidate Application Bulletin. Please read the FPGEC Candidate Application Bulletin.

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How long will it take for my CPE activity to appear in my e-Profile? Additional Evaluation Approximately Six Weeks If you receive an evaluation status stating that your supporting documentation does not billetin FPGEC requirements, you have three months to address the issues noted. What if Buletin want to change my test date? Do I need to make you aware of an address change if it is not accompanied by a facility move? Domain Names What is a token and why do I need it? Arrive 30 minutes early: To contact Customer Service: Where do I send my additional supporting documentation?

Responses to your questions on the above topics may take up to three weeks. The certificate will be mailed to the address provided in your e-Profile within three weeks of passing both exams. When you create your e-Profile account you must enter your information exactly as you did when you first applied to FPGEC. How long must I wait before submitting a new one? Can I add additional states to an application after submission? What do I do if my documentation is not in English?


Emails received from an email not found in your e-Profile will gulletin be answered, in order to keep fpggee personal information secure and confidential. A seal, stamp, bulleyin signature of an official must be placed across vulletin flap closure and the envelope to ensure the confidentiality of the documents inside. What type of information will I be asked in the. All communications submitted via fax, mail, or private courier service must be personally signed by you, the applicant.

How do I obtain the e-Profile ID for my pharmacy? The Bulletin includes the following:.

FPGEC Certification Timeline | National Association of Boards of Pharmacy

How long is my application valid? How do I cancel my licensure transfer application to receive a refund? How long will it take to process my. What terms are used for licensure transfer? How do I find out?

Check your e-Profile to see the status of your documentation bulleitn. An incomplete or incorrect application will result in a delay in the process. Once you are made eligible, you will need to purchase the exam.

How do I change my name in e-Profile? How should I submit my responses to the completed VPP inspection report? Who do I contact if I experience technical difficulties? How can I change it?

FPGEC Certification Timeline

I am taking the PCOA. What happens after the on-site survey?

How do I find my e-Profile ID? I do not see any activities or information in my CPE Monitor account. If your application does not meet requirements, bhlletin will be notified and will be asked to correct those deficiencies.

How do I go about doing this? What entities may apply for VDIP accreditation? How do Fpger add or update my license, registration, or certification information?


My graduation date is incorrect.

Where do I check my examination scores? Application Questions Why am I being charged multiple fees? How do I change my date of birth in my e-Profile? Do I have to be licensed a year before I can transfer my license to a particular state? I am an accredited ACPE provider. A strong understanding of the Competency Statements will aid in your preparation to take the examination.

Find answers to your frequently asked questions or chat live with a customer service representative. Facilities I need to create an e-Profile for my facility. What entities may apply for VAWD accreditation? How do I change my Social Security number in my e-Profile? The first evaluation of your application and supporting documentation will be completed within approximately six weeks of the date of receipt. bluletin

This will give you time to complete check-in procedures. You can request that the issuing body send the official, appropriately sealed documentation directly to the FPGEC, or you can request that the issuing body send them to you so that you can fpege them to the FPGEC. We are aware of some websites that are posting fake, outdated, or incorrect registration bulletins. What features are available on the app? However, coursework and internships completed after graduation will not be considered as part of the five-year pharmacy curriculum requirement.