The Femicide Machine has ratings and 16 reviews. Subashini said: This brief , dense book of theory and analysis is as brutal and harrowing as you’d ex. Semiotext(e), Translated from the Spanish by Michael Parker-Stainaback. The bodies began appearing in girls and young women. The Femicide Machine. Sergio González Rodríguez, trans. from the Spanish by Michael Parker-Stainback. Semiotext(e) (MIT, dist.), $

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Though the potential for revolt is there, it seems more likely the state will shift its response to these murders. It renders the victims invisible depriving them of their human rights. He is the author of “Bones in the Desert,” the most definitive work on the murders of women and girls in Juarez, Mexico, as well as “The Headless Man,” a sharp meditation on the recurrent uses of symbolic feimcide “Infectious,” a novel; and “Original Evil, ” a long essay.

Sarah rated it it was amazing Aug 09, Jul 07, Magdalena rated it it was ok. Mexico is one femicidw the most Catholic countries in the world.

The authorities resorted to an old strategy — blame the victim. We all know the answer. That section and the following “textual photographs” were the most evocative and clearly where the author shines —in experimenting with form and style Sep 05, Michael rated it femicixe it Recommends it for: The women were tried and held accountable in the cartel-controlled media. Intervention 1 – 10 of 22 books.


These frmicide transactions implicate the artist, subject, and viewer, as well as the framework that circulates and ascribes market value to such artwork.

When a group of scholars concerned with violence against women wanted to set up a comprehensive investigate structure for each missing woman the authorities refused to put it into practice.

Other books in the series. Written especially for Semiotext e Intervention series, “The Femicide Machine” synthesizes Gonzalez Rodriguez’s documentation of the Juarez crimes, his analysis of the unique urban conditions in which they take place, and a discussion of the terror techniques of narco-warfare that have spread to both sides of the border.

The contradictory narratives of violence vary by source, be it the state, academia, international organizations, media or art. Sergio Gonzalez Machinw provides all the facts and figures necessary to trace these intersections and the emergence of the femicide machine.

Notes on Politics Minneapolis: Likewise, Marco Vera notes that it is easier to critique the media than to create a viable alternative.

Sara Maldonado rated it really liked it Nov 28, Some accounts downplay the gendered element of the murders or point to broader machismo and misogyny in the rest of the country.

Often repetitive, urgent, and devastating, The Femicide Machine tells a story of extreme capitalism reshaping territory and a processual state-form fostering utterly inhumane machines.

The Femicide Machine by Sergio González Rodríguez

To be sure, U. Aug 17, Erica Eller rated it it was amazing. While the concept of machines is certainly a useful device in understanding the system that creates the conditions under which these murders occur and remain unpunished, I believe the book could have avoided mystifying the subject as much as it did, a counterproductive spectacular impulse that I think the author knows enough to recognize.


The facts speak for themselves. Powerful and devastating, femicixe book explores the connections between drug cartels, corrupt government fmicide femicide in Mexico. As the crimes escalated, the government could no longer deny that women were being tortured, murdered and disappearing systematically. Anyone looking to learn about the femicides of Ciudad Juarez or the violence of globalization.

Feeding the Femicide Machine in Mexico

More people kept migrating in search for work, and in search of crossing over to the USA. In this sense she machije no desires of her own. Steven rated it it was ok Oct 24, They perpetuate the silence we find in the United States around violence against women.

By the city was host to export processing factories or maquiladoras. University of Minnesota Press,p May 04, Christine rated it it was ok.