Holden Furber; The English Utilitarians and India. By Eric Stokes. (New York: Oxford University Press. Pp. xvi, $), The American Historical Rev. OTHER REVIEWS. Jacobinism. He has also demonstrated the permanent damage to its prestige suffered by the upper house in when it became a. utilitarianism on Indian education: K. A. Ballhatchet suggests that it was exerted in India, not London, while Eric Stokes doubts that it was a significant factor even .

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With respect to India they had a deep vested interest in the existing order.

The English Utilitarians and India

The principal task was now to devise an effective and economical adminis- tration for the vast areas suddenly annexed to the Company’s territories. The individualist, competitive society, which Mill regarded as the acme of an advanced civilization, would be inaugurated.

The progress of Europe in comfort and wealth was a direct outcome of the liberation of the individual achieved by the Reformation and Wilberforce echoed Grant, in his speech during the Charter debates ofwhen he claimed that Christianity, independently of its effects on a future state of exis- tence, has been acknowledged even by avowed sceptics, to be, beyond all other institutions that ever existed, favourable to the temporal interests and happiness of man: I have sought to show that the nature of these practical aims was deduced logically from their abstract theory, and that both fall into a system whose completeness is more obvious in Indian than in English history.

Ricardo had revealed the fundamental disharmony in the workings of a free economy, and drew attention to the permanent cleavage of interest between the landlord and every other class in the community.

Utilitarianism and the Noble Art. One has only to add Maine, Fitzjames Stephen, and Morley for later Indian history, to enumerate most of the important figures in the intellectual history of English liberalism in the nine- teenth century. They deserve a close study because they were the ans school in the formation of Indian policy when liberalism first began to exercise an influence on internal administration after By recognizing a proprietary right in the great zemindars.

From motives of expediency the Company had always manifested the most scrupulous regard for Indian religions, laws, institutions, and customs. Trevor rated it liked it Aug 05, According to them Cornwallis had the choice of consolidating British rule on the basis of the Mughal system or of adopting an entirely new and foreign foundation. His aims were still consistent with the old mercantilist conception of the Utilitariians position in India, with the notion of reaping a surplus tribute and continuing the monopoly of the East India Company.

This could only be secured in a system such as the ryotwar where the State entered into direct administrative relations with the mass of the people. Mimasha Pandit rated it it was amazing Jul 09, However, the trouble is worthwhile, as the book is full of insights and ideas, and any ser I read the book in preparation of an essay I am to write, and though only small portions of this is really relevant to my work, I ended up reading the book from cover to cover.


Education and Christianity would now remove these obstacles. Muhammad Yahya marked it as to-read Oct 02, Letter of Munro, 19 July ibid. Sahin Alom added it Feb 11, The district judge was given the control of the police, and a status and salary superior to that of the collector. Oxford University Press is a department of the University of Oxford.

It was not designed to effect a wholesale revolu- tion of Indian society; its purpose was rather to limit the interference of government.

These convictions were con- tained m a cast of mind which was almost Hebraic. It is indeed, there is the problem to solve, and the true mean to hit between the technical and what utilitariaans philo- sophers have been pleased to phrase the natural mode of procedure: I spend many of my leisure hours on the highest summit of the rock on which the fort stands, under the shady bastion, built by Hyder.

As such it was held by Ricardo and James Mill to be a particularly suitable source of taxation, because a tax on rent in no way retarded economic progress. Since, therefore, law always operated at the expense of liberty and by the infliction of pain, it was impor- tant that it should be precisely adjusted so that the pain inflicted was outweighed by the pain prevented. In the englieh of British India they are the true conserva- tive element; but the term needs definition.

Renu rated it it was amazing Oct 14, The notion of tribute meant draining the country of wealth and impairing its power to purchase British goods. The Battle of the Two Philosophies T h utilitarias setting of British administrative policy was laid at the foundations of the British dominion in India.

While in the broadest sense this may well be true, it fails to take into account the increasing isolation in which the Utilitarians found themselves wnd the eighteen-thirties.

With the impetus it was given by the twin force of evangelicalism and free trade, it was now to be consciously directed upon Indian society itself and englsh become an explicit movement for revolu- tionary change. It was only brought back to its original iindia. Perrett – – Asian Philosophy 8 1: The improvement in moral tone was not a merely local phenomenon. These were the chief measures which government could be expected to effect.

He applied this theory to the Indian problem. What then upon the whole of this induction is the general result?


The English utilitarians and India – Eric Stokes – Google Books

Jnsympathetic to Indians being admitted to government service, he strenuously resisted any suggestion for establish- ing representative Institutions for India, such as had been urged hfy some Liberal enthusiasts like Sir Alexander John- ston and Robert Rickards.

Character was a product of environment, but of moral rather than physical environment. Trained by us to happiness and independence, and endowed sto,es our learning and political institutions, India will remain the proudest monument of British benevolence; and we shall long continue to reap, in the affec- tionate attachment of the people, and m a great commercial intercourse with their splendid country, the fruit of that liberal and enlightened policy which suggested to us this line of conduct.

They knew it most clearly m the form of the Cornwallis settlement, and in the eighteen-twenties they recognized its stoeks in a new aggressive shape. It was a military empire in an unimperial age, a vast commitment dubiously balanoed by its actual commercial value to English industry, a possession which generated that artificial rivalry with Russia which preoccupied British foreign policy throughout the nineteenth century.

Already bythe free mer- chants were extending qnd attack to the whole of the Company s system of government and to its informing prin- ciple of leaving Indian customs and institutions undisturbed. Having established these primary conditions, the question of the profitability of the Indian connexion could be safely allowed to look after itself. Mill was proposing a revolution of Indian society carried through solely by the weapon indiw law.

Frejinald rated it liked it Feb 28, To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Besides, it’s not just British philosophers shaping India, but the effect came the other way around too – Indian experiences shaping ideas and eventually policy at home. The existing connection between two such distant countries as England and India, cannot, in the nature of things, be permanent, no effort of policy can prevent the natives from ultimately regaining their independence.

And the instrument which he looked to for gaming this conquest over the mind of India was no different. What led James Mill to undertake the labour of his History of British India is uncertain, but the work resulted in the employment of him and his son after in the East India House and firmly fixed Utilitarian influence in Indian affairs.

J Instances of this’ difference with Liberal opinion can be readily multiplied. Aparajita Basu added it Oct 21,