All the red and yellow LED’s above the Instrument-Track buttons will light and the Display will read “ENSONIQ EPS.” If there is no disk in the drive the Display will. This Manual is copyrighted and all rights are reserved by ENSONIQ Corp. .. Congratulations, and thank-you for your purchase of the ENSONIQ EPS Way back in or so, I bought myself an Ensoniq EPS keyboard. . They even sell the disks that came with the EPS, the User’s Manual, the Maintenance.

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Windows 95 is very reliable at recalibrating a floppy drive.

After an Instrument is copied to another Instrument. In the above illustration, Instrument 3 is stacked with Instrument 2. Note that whenever you save an Instrument to disk, as shown earlier, you you are also given the opportunity to rename it at that maunal.

Ensoniq EPS Manuals

To fade out wavedata. Midi Quest – Sound Quest Inc. Remember that if the threshold is set higher than 0, the EPS will not begin actually sampling until the input signal crosses the threshold.

Be sure to check out the VFX patch archive which has an excellent collection of patches. The official corporate site is now combined with Emu. Once you have learned how the machine is organized, you should be able to do what you want to do without constantly referring to the manual.

The default and manual values are the same as the Cross Fade Loop. No, it’s not using the sequencer! This is the ,”quick-dial” number.

Once on a Page, the Left and Right Arrow buttons can be used to scroll about among the items on that Page. If the Base Channel is Chan.


Ensoniq Corporation – EPS – Musician’s Manual

You can copy the parameters and data of the original Wavesample, or just the parameters. Scale depth works as described previously. Sample “one” is in the bottom third of the keyboard. The fifth time is first release time.

You can press “0” at any time whether a Preset is in effect or not to return all you Instruments to their “starting points. Make sure it is set appropriately for your current needs. An alternative OS for the Mirage with added features. Whenever you are on one of the three Envelope pages, the indicator lights in the display tell you which it is.

Enwoniq to Wavesamples are grouped together into Layers, and there can be up to 8 Layers in the Instrument. Mirage – Simple Mirage Application.

I needed a real keyboard, but I also wanted a sampler so that I could use it for production work in my studio. Each time you hit a key the underline dnsoniq switch automatically. Always be aware of exactly what you are editing! Play the keyboard until you hear and see the number of the Wavesample you want to resample.

The format you want for EPS floppies is called:. How to save a damaged floppy disk Press Commandthen LFO. As in the other commands, you select some range of data using the start and end addresses. Use the Arrow buttons and enable the Layer in the Patch, as described earlier in this supplement. When you hear the one you want to resample, and see its number on the Display, it is selected to be resampled. By selecting a Performance Preset you can instantly recreate the state of the “Pile” at the time the Preset was created.

The original wavesample will be erased, replaced by the new one. Michael Batterman’s pages with samples to download as well as tips and tricks.

Ensoniq EPS

Rubber Chicken Software Co. As soon as any of the Instruments is finished loading you can select that Instrument and play while the rest of the Bank loads.


To name or rename an Instrument: It does this by playing the loop forward and backward. Bass [ ] If you select the Piano, it will play over the whole keyboard, covering up the bass entirely: If any other Instruments are loaded, you can select them in the same way, and adjust their volumes. The figure below shows a typical EPS envelope shape: The “Bowtie” works well manhal sounds with a lot of ambience, reverb, or other effects. Use this when you want silence.

Click once on a selected or Stacked Instrument to deselect it.

Getting a good loop tends to be the most difficult part of sampling, and dps full discussion of looping techniques is beyond the scope of this Musician’s Manual. Demo version EDE will write. If you want to give the Instrument a new name, do so at this time. Let’s say you also have in memory a Song, which is composed of 12 Sequences.

Ensoniq ASR/EPS Archive

Then press the Right Arrow button to move the Cursor to the manua, character, and use the Data Entry Slider to change it. Here are the tricks I used in case they are helpful for others It may have something to do with a trick that some EPS hackers used to use.

You Stack an Instrument by pressing its button twice in rapid succession or “double-click” on the Instrument button, to borrow a term from those computers which use a “mouse”.