Bolivia: Tasas específicas y generales de fecundidad y tasa bruta de .. Bolivia: Tendencias de la atención materna, ENDSA y , EDSA Encuesta Nacional de Demografia y Salud (ENDSA ) also provides new statistical information on knowledge, attitudes and practices related to HIV. Title: Encuesta Nacional de Demografía y Salud ENDSA [National Publisher: Publication Location: La Paz, Bolivia: MSD, PRS, INE y Macro International.

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The current population for each community was calculated applying the district population provision of INE National Statistics Institute based on the national bilivia. Anaemia prevalence in months aged boys from Cordillera was Localities with more than 2, inhabitants considered as urbanwere not included in the survey.

Demographic and Health Surveys.

In Bolivia, Slow Fertility Decline and Some Improvements in Health Indicators

Anaemia prevalence in boys and girls aged months and months per Bolivian Chaco Departments. Urban populations were excluded as ACH was only bolivi rural areas. A special thanks goes to the families and children who participated in the survey and to all those who helped as guides or in providing essential information, without whose collaboration this survey would not have been possible.

Height, weight, mid-upper arm circumference MUAC measurements and bilateral oedema check-up, as well as the blood boivia, were done for each selected child following standardised protocols.

Close Twitter Facebook Delicious E-mail. Between 52 and 58 localities were sampled in each department. Family authorisation was also required. It describes general survey procedures and provides information on how to collect data necessary for planning direct interventions in emergency settings or for surveillance. Monitoreo Nacional de Indicadores Nutricionales. El Cuestionario Individual de Hombres. The most recent bolivai and health survey 22008conducted inshows some improvement in infant and child health.


Bolivia – Encuesta Nacional de Demografía y Salud 2008

For this it is important to distinguish between permission for anthropometrical measurements and bilateral oedema which is non-invasive, to permissions for blood tests which are invasive. 208 mortality rate CMR in a given population over a specific period of time. Even more striking is the heavy reliance on traditional family planning methods.

While nearly all of the wealthiest mothers had skilled birth attendants injust 38 percent of women in the poorest fifth of households had a qualified childbirth attendant.

Bolivia – Encuesta Nacional de Demografía y Salud

Due to a number of political and administrative factors and in order to allow comparison, a total of three SMART surveys, one per department, were implemented. The SMART manual deals specifically with nutrition and mortality surveys, including sampling, boluvia measurements, and mortality rates.

Bolivia Total Population millions The Bolivian Chaco is located in the southeast of the country and extends over five provinces belonging to the departments of Cordillera, Tarija and Chuquisaca see map. This portable analyser allows field measurement of the Hb concentration in peripheral blood through photometric detection.

In this case, and largely to allow comparisons, anaemia classification was based on the same cutoff points used for children between months old in the previous Demographic and Health National Survey in Bolivia. This is not far below the 4. One way to reassure the population about this fear was to allow them to keep the microcuvettes used for their analysis.


El cuestionario individual de mujeres fue aplicado de manera completa en 16, mujeres y comprende los siguientes grandes temas: El cuestionario de hogar fue completado en 19, hogares y comprende los siguientes temas: Questionnaires Cuestionario Individual de Mujeres. Inclusion of anaemia analysis in sndsa SMART survey did not necessitate increasing the number or qualifications of staff.

However, in some countries, lab officers or nurses may be required by the Ministry of Health. Microcuvettes do not need refrigeration and as the Hb analysis is implemented right after the blood sample is taken, there is no special requirement for transport or storage.

If you have any comments regarding this article, please contact: Description El cuestionario de hogar fue completado en 19, hogares y comprende los siguientes temas: Age, sex and district differences were found: Also, Mennonite communities have significantly different socio-economic and cultural backgrounds to the wider rural population in the Chaco, hence were not included even if they were set in rural areas. It provides the basis for understanding the magnitude and severity of a humanitarian crisis.

The DHS indicates that Bolivian women are becoming pregnant before they intended to because they are not using an effective method of family planning.

Also, it was considered that a bias could be introduced if urban areas were included, given the large social and economic differences between rural and urban populations in Latin America.