In future if need evolves for a small universal machine like PCB BOX or My experiences with the PCBBOX (same as the PCB Prototyper). ()lynkx What do you think? I’m very tempted to buy it. The Elektor PCB Service was originally launched in , and since then more for prototypes, without compromising on quality or delivery (try our PCB proto.

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Then keeping the protective film on and drilling through it.

China elektor pcb prototyper wholesale ???????? – Alibaba

Well I tried a number of methods. The machine works like a charm and I dont regret buying it. More progress reports when there’s any more progress So eldktor, my Formant is looking good. Just mill the bottom half plus 3 of the 4 board edges then the top half and the other 3 edges, both U-sections forming a rectangle.

One email later and Version 1. Also discovered most of the software problems and Collinbus can correct software problem in most 24 hours since it is in house development. Maybe someone forgot to press the “1” key.


Interestingly, the original dimensions of the front panels are wrong. Won’t do that again! No more triangular off-centre potentiometer holes, and what’s more, the outside dimensions of the panels are so accurate, I milled six 71mm panels to go in protityper 19 inch rack, and they fit to within a hair’s width! So, I redimensioned them and now everything fits nicely.

Took 16 weeks to arrive when I was promised 6.

Copper Clad Circuit Board for PCB Prototyper – Elektor

However, if you are milling a shiny front panel, scratches are not wanted! Its mainly focused on slight modifications on the exhaust system protptyper to allow hose connection at 90 angle.

IF you dont do this the machine will need to be cm from wall distanced to allow connection. Any software problems encountered?

So, what are my overall impressions of this machine? But they did send me a few spares by return of post. It’s quite noisy – even noisier when the vac is plugged in as well!

The new Elektor PCB prototyper http: New arrival 12v battery charger pcb board. They’ll love them And very nice tips for working on front panels!


Elektor PCB Prototyper

I’ve emailed Colinbus and am waiting for Version 1. Nor can they be polished out. Code examples are attached. But i could do nothing without manufacturer standing next to me and supporting me.

The PCB Prototyper in Practice

First the bad stuff. Unfortunately, when selecting individual tracks to be milled, the software forgot that it has to send the drill head round at a sensible speed and sent it shooting round the Elektpr outline at breakneck speed. Keep up the good work. Proton Plus Compiler v3 Starter: None of the modifications are necessary but the exhaust modification is practical.

Results 1 to 10 of Lines, arcs and letters and drill holes. For example, unless you are a moron, it’s obvious that one end of a pot is slow and the other is fast, so I’ve not bothered with that legend.