You Searched For: drunvalo melchizedek (author/artist etc.) Edit Your Search .. Aus dem Herzen leben. Verständigung ohne Worte. Update on the Fourth Dimensional Shift and the Translation Period. In the Flower of Life workshops as far back as , we discussed what. Presenting the life work of Drunvalo Melchizedek in a small class setting. wir die Blume des Lebens in uns zum Erblühen und öffnen unsere Herzen für die Wahrheit, Unser Leben darf sich transformieren und mit Schönheit, Harmonie und.

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It was functioning normal by scientific standards. In addition, three other human discoveries have happened that also indirectly point to this time being the time of the Translation Period. To find out more, including melchizeedek to control cookies, see here: They believed then that such an event would only happen over millions of years.

Airlines worldwide were forced to manually land asu airplanes because the geomagnetic field of the earth began to move. The field now measures only about 0. They said that they could not allow this disinformation to go out.

Pole Shift Update by Drunvalo Melchizedek |

If this piece of ice breaks off, according to the press releases, dunvalo will raise the emlchizedek oceans by 65 feet. Melchizedekk arrived on my first day sure that I knew what took me there and left sure that wasn’t the re Here you do not die, but rather you consciously more into the 4D and into the 10th, 11th or 12th overtone bringing your body with you. My Blog You want to become whole — include your dark parts February 4th, TSOTH has already teachers in 36 countries all over the world and in all continents.


Swietlisty Waz Drunvalo Melchizedek. Popocatepetl the ground is so hot that the rubber soles of shoes will melt while walking in the forest.

According to the Russian satellites, the SRF is raising dramatically. About 10 days ago Dr.

She explained at the outset ahs what would happen so there were no surprises. If we are entering this period, we will now have to prepare at least internally if not externally. There was, of course, no scientific explanation. In fact it happened just 13, years ago and before that it was 26, years ago.

They also opened her to work with the invisible realms of energy and spirit. It also freed up the energy in my body, especially melchizzedek abdomen, and since the session I have felt clearer and more energized.

Drunvalo Melchizedek’s Upcoming Events

I will update this website as new information comes in. On December 14,an explosion was received on earth from deep melchiedek. I am really inspired to do the training and get involved in this type of work. Remember you are whole, complete and perfect in this moment. She brings her experience from decades of healing work, her intuition and sensitivity into the session.


What can they say?

The following is all of the evidence that has been given to me from around the world. We were first told by Gregg Braden, who is a geologist, that it was raising. One report said that they even saw animals spontaneously break into flames.

Some are drawn one way, some another, but in the end we are all the same spirit. Trauma — das Geschenk in der Wunde entdecken October 31st, This is very important. Drunvalo Melchizedek, Flower of Life founder, http: The goal of a session is to support the client on as many levels as needed to live a life filled with harmony, peace, joy, connectedness, fulfillment, vitality, passion, and depth.

Live life as if nothing is happening. That everything is normal. Then everything became quiet until recently. Everyone will head for the forest!!!! I was oeben talking with a German scientist who was concerned enough to give me this information even though it could mean his loss of freedom. Hier wird nach Prinzipien der Permakultur, Achtsamkeit und Einfachheitgelebt.

Drunvalo Melchizedek

Are we about to enter the Translation Period? Over new universes have been created within this one!!!!! There are three ways that can happen. As many as twenty five or more comets or asteroids a year will either enter the sun or graze it.