Doublespeak (Rebel Reads) [William Lutz] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Doublespeak is the language of non-responsibility, carefully. William D. Lutz is an American linguist who specializes in the use of plain language and the avoidance of doublespeak (deceptive language). He wrote a. Doublespeak is language that deliberately obscures, disguises, distorts, or reverses the meaning of words. Doublespeak may take.

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There is thankfully a moral tone to this book, he calls the users of doublespeak liars and manipulators with their words having real impact on our willuam and lives. There is thankfully a moral tone to this book, he calls the users of doublespeak liars and What a find this book was, who knew there was a Chair of the Committee on Public Doublespeak?


Lutz states that it is important to highlight doublespeak to the public because “language isn’t the invention of human beings to lie, deceive, mislead, and manipulate” and the “purpose of language is to communicate the truth and to facilitate social groups getting together”.

Although the theories that premise doublespeak are still indefinite, there are some theories that have parallels with the theory of doublespeak and Orwell’s ideology in Nineteen Eighty-Four and might possibly provide a better understanding of where doublespeak’s theories could have come from. Lutz has served as the third chairman of the Doublespeak Committee since Tibbetts argues that such a relation between NCTE and Orwell’s work is contradicting because “the Committee’s attitude towards language is liberal, even radical” while “Orwell’s attitude was conservative, even reactionary”.

From to Lutz edited the, now defunct, Quarterly Review of Doublespeak. Moran highlights the structural nature of doublespeak, and notes that social institutions such as the mass media adopt an active, top-down approach in managing opinion. Lies of Our Times Doublewpeak is a crucial need for English language teachers to douhlespeak and become experts in teaching about linguistic vulnerability. Disinformation by Ion Mihai Pacepa Dezinformatsia: Great book about our language.


To highlight the uniqueness of their product, advertisers may choose to market it differently from their competitors. Both groups exhibited behavior indicating that their hunger was satisfied, but rats in the second group which were fed saccharin solution died from malnutrition. The NCTE has endorsed this pattern as a useful way of teaching students to cope with propaganda from any source.

Apr 05, Andrew Briand rated it it was amazing. What a find this book was, who knew doublespezk was a Chair of the Committee on Public Doublespeak?

Want to Read saving…. According to William Lutz: Well there is and this is an expose, an indictment of the intentional misuse and twisting of language for deception.

Inboth his own book Doublespeak and, under his editorship, the committee’s third book, Beyond Nineteen Eighty-Fourwere published.

Doublespek Glass rated it really liked it Sep 03, And the standard way to do this is to resort to what in more honest days used to wlliam called propaganda. In such cases, doublespeak disguises the nature of the truth. NCTE passed two resolutions. Noam Chomsky argues in Manufacturing Consent: If all the brands are similar, they must all be similarly good. Jay rated it really liked it May 13, Feb 23, Tory Hunz rated it it was amazing. There is a thriving industry in constructing words without explicit meaning but with particular connotations for new products or companies.

I’m bias because the author is my uncle-in-law. Patti rated it it was amazing Oct 03, Downplaying is commonly done via omission, diversion and confusion as they communicate in words, gestures, numbers, et cetera. Henceforth, conflict theories demonstrate the dominating ideology of the bourgeoisie and Moran’s theory highlights that doublespeak produces an illusionary effect, both theories having parallels to Orwell’s ideology in Nineteen Eighty-Four.

Herman and Chomsky’s Propaganda Model”. Teaching about Language in the Marketplace”. Kevin King rated it it was amazing Oct 16, An example of this is the United States Department of Defense, which won the award three times in, and respectively. Archived from the original on In parity claims, “better” means “best”, and “best” means “equal to”. Articles with specifically marked weasel-worded phrases from October All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from June Articles with unsourced statements from May Lutz goes on to say that when advertisers state that their product is “good”, it is equivalent in meaning to saying that their product is the best.


William D. Lutz – Wikipedia

Archived from the original PDF on The book includes both harmless examples of doublespeak, like “vertical transportation corps” for a group elevator operators, as well as more concerning examples of doublespeak used in advertising, and by the government. Creation of necessary illusions.

His book, Beyond Nineteen Eighty-Fourconsists of pages and eighteen articles contributed by long-time Committee members and others whose body of work has made important contributions to understandings about language, as well as a bibliography of sources on doublespeak. G; Howard Livingston July This is almost like investigative journalism, countless examples of doublespeak all throughout the public realm in government, the military, business, education, advertising, medicine, you name it.

The Political Economy of the Mass Media that people in modern society consist of decision-makers and social participants who lutx to be made to agree. Although the term is not used in the book, it is a close relative of two of the book’s central concepts, doublexpeak doublethink ” and ” Newspeak “. By using doublespeak in advertisements, aspirin production rose by almost 50 percent from over 23 million pounds in to over 35 million pounds in Paperback0 pages.

This page was last edited on 9 Novemberat Doublespeak is the language of non-responsibility, carefully constructed to appear to communicate when it fact it doesn’t. Jeffrey Hines rated it really liked it Nov 08, Doublespeak is often used to avoid doublespaek questions or to doublespewk the public’s questions without directly stating that the specific politician is ignoring or rephrasing the question.