Tom Moldvay was a game designer and author most notable for his work on early materials for the fantasy role-playing game Dungeons & Dragons (D&D). Moldvay D&D. Whereas Holmes’ Basic D&D was mostly a matter of organization and explanation, Moldvay’s Basic D&D also engaged in. It sounds like D&D ultra light, and who really wants to play that when you Moldvay (Moldvay basic) and also the Expert Rules written by David.

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Each of these procedural ‘layers’ lead clearly to a higher or lower one when they are resolved.

Review of D&D Basic (Moldvay) – Merric’s Musings

The game was simple and hackable enough a GM could be trusted to do it on their own. Read language lets you understand all written language. A range of feet is also not bad, so you can cast it at targets from very far away without being seen by them at all, which makes it even more useful for secretly breaking into places.

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With gauntlets of ogre power it can be done in 4 rounds and very strong creaturs like giants can do it in moldvag rounds. And the more it becomes about calculating and f&d, the more you lose sight of the actual things that are happening in a fight. If you have surprise and then also win initiative in the next round, you can cause a lot of damage before the enemy is doing anything.

Identifying magic items is entirely by trial and error.

If they encounter a monster, there are reaction tables to determine how the monster reacts to them. There it’s clearly divided into item and spell, and the dd number against item is always one better then for spell. If the total is 20 or more, it’s a hit.


Moldvay’s death saddened me in a way that the deaths of Gygax and Arneson didn’t, because I had met him and talked for a couple hours. The wand of paralyzation is OP! Oh yeah, and Green Slime is a mobile creature, not a hazardous dungeon mold. It came in a box with a cool picture of a dragon on the front and everything you needed to play.

There can be so much fun had with it, especially when you’re also invisible. The webs fill a 10 feet cube and all it says it that it takes 20 to 80 minutes for a normal human to break through.

Moldvay D&D – Greatest Hits

Miniatures are mentioned as an option, as is the recommendation of 1 inch squares if playing on a grid, but these things are usually not present in the rules at all. Actually more like 40, but 50 calculates easier. The control lasts as long as the user concentrates on it and can see the animals, but it can only be used once per turn.

The wand of enemy detection makes all enemies within 60 feet glow.

The player consults the “to Hit” list on the character sheet and looks which Armor Class is the maximum that roll is able to hit. One stark difference between Moldvay and Holmes is that Holmes uses 1d6 for all weapons damage while Moldvay had each type of weapon roll different dice mlodvay damage.

Lots of pros and cons, which makes it a very interesting spell to get creative with.

To prepare spells, a caster needs to be well restes, which is “usually an uninterrupted full night’s sleep”. Frank Mentzer revised the game again in with another “red box” joldvay featuring the art of Larry Elmore. It has a range of feet and if the target fails its save, it’s out dd& action for 90 minutes. It just prevents the making of any sounds in the area. Dragonlance deities Forgotten Realms deities Greyhawk deities.



In actual play it obviously takes longer as the players are considering other options, but the dice rolling itself goes extremely quick. PCs don’t because they are badass.

Insect swarm and noble are moved to the Expert rules. Originally Posted by obryn. It included the Supplement 3 psionics rules in an appendix, and was revised by Gygax from a base of Classic and Holmes. I would completely switch it out and replace it with a magic point system and almost completely different spells.

Why are dwarves good against dragon breath but thieves terrible? You don’t need to know anything about the stats of the PCs. If they roll “hostile”, they might instead go and warn their friends, as their chance to actually defeat a party of adventurers is pretty slim. I think this is actually the opposite of the truth. They are notes that contain hints where the monster has stashed some gold or a magic item somewhere in the dungeon.

By the time the red boxes came out, there were other, better, dice options in the glass cases of hobby and game stores and and TSR was shipping them with these little pastel dice. All hit dice in d6’s with mods; completely re-roll HP each level. Except for the AC, which is a -1 bonus because the attack system is weird and makes no sense. Spells lists spells for magic-users, elves and clerics.