Endgame (Star Wars Roleplaying, Darkstryder Campaign Conclusion) [Timothy O’Brien] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Complete. The crew of the FarStar returns in the second supplement for the DarkStryder Campaign! The New Republic vessel FarStar has relentlessly pursued rogue. In the early years of the New Republic era, the Campaign follows the adventures of the New Republic CR90 corvette FarStar on its mission to track down the.

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Contents [ show ]. Add tags Tags separate by space: Do something crazy like write a review or session report?

Moff Kentor Sarne was the Imperial ruler of the Kathol sector. Tags separate by space: Star Wars Galactic Adventures. A full-color poster of the modified corvette FarStar, with detailed deckplans, operating conditions, and history.

Review of The DarkStryder Campaign. Role Call Shadis Issue 21 – Oct Soon to be a recurring column.

Unlike the multi-adventure format of the previous instalments, the book focuses solely on the FarStar ‘s final battle with Moff Sarne. Color recognition cards for characters and ships featured in the books. The small models also had the benefit of being used as visual aids to the players during a DarkStryder adventure.

I supported because… “How else you gonna get that sweet, sweet GeekGold? He also referenced the characters of Crev Bombaasa and Horzao Darrand the alien Aing-Tii were used a plot point in the dxrkstryder half of the novel. Unsure of herself, and facing a mission of unknown duration, with little intelligence, supplies or reinforcements, Adrimetrum is forced to mould the ragtag personnel of the FarStar into an effective crew to stop Moff Sarne. The first of four installments of the DarkStryder campaign.


This boxed set features a page original story by Campaig Zahn called The Saga Begins and was published in July Paramount Pictures unveiled their latest series to the press; Star Trek: Published inThe Kathol Rift was the second supplement, and third instalment, in the DarkStryder series.

Omenthe second book of the Fate of the Jedi series. For other uses, see The DarkStryder Campaign disambiguation. Despite both projects being developed independently and with no knowledge darkstrydder the other, the concept of the show was similar enough to The DarkStryder Campaign to warrant last minute changes on the part of the West End Darktryder creative team so that the Campaign would not appear to be a knock-off of a television show.

Sign In Don’t have an account? During the ensuing conversation, the idea was floated to combine “high-fantasy, gritty drama and space opera. The Joiner KingLegacy of the Force: Another potential problem was averted when it was realized that the original ideas for the DarkStryder and his minions were too close to the Shadows of the Babylon 5 universe. Wookieepedia has images related to The DarkStryder Campaign. Jessa Dajus — Imperial officer Dajus has inside information on Sarne’s plans, but her loyalty is held in question.

It soon became apparent that the selection had a problem—the cover prominently featured an Imperial -class Star Destroyerbut no such vessel was featured in any of the adventures contained in the book. A second ship, named the PaleShadowwas initially proposed but did not make it through the editing process.


Released init was the last product produced by West End Games for the D6 line. During a conversation between Bill Smithwho served as the line editor for West End Games’ Star Wars products, and Daniel Scott Palterthe chief executive and publisher, the concept of a campaign boxed set was brought up.

Contents [ show ]. During this period, Eric S.

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Campaign Setting game world. However, the large cast of characters necessitated that the Campaign would have to support a multi-character aspect, with players controlling several characters, preferably one member of the main character cast, and one or two from the secondary character cast.

Shadis Issue 21 – Oct Scheduling conflicts prevented Dorman from completing the work, and Stephen Crane brought in Christopher Moeller to provide the cover. Although New Republic forces deposed the Moff, he was allowed to escape into the Kathol sector with the majority of his forces, and access to exotic new technology.

DarkStryder Campaign

Fragments from the Rim. Information on the worlds of the Kathol sector, and backstories on members of the FarStar’s crew, its potential allies and enemies. Gorak Khzam — The FarStar ‘ s security officer claims to be an independent trader.

A deluxe boxed set which included all four products in the series darksgryder released in April Home Recent Additions Welcome Wiki.