Much of Traminette’s background information presented here was provided by Dr . Bruce Reisch at Cornell University and Dr. Bruce Bordelon at Purdue. Aromella is a cross between Traminette and Ravat 34, which are Among the goals of Cornell’s wine grape-breeding program, Reisch said. Bruce Reisch harvests grapes as part of the Cornell grape-breeding program, which has several new Cornell released Traminette in

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This cross was made in by H. Disease and insect resistance. Free non-exclusive licenses for Marquis may be obtained from the Cornell Research Foundation in Ithaca.

Both are white hybrids that combine excellent fruit rsisch with cold-hardiness derived from American species. LT 50 for ‘Traminette’ was Fruit observation began inocrnel the original vine was propagated in as NY Gonsalves, personal communication ; infected vines in New York trials have been observed to be as productive as adjacent uninfected vines H.

It was also observed that Traminette occasionally had poor fruit set, and Bordelon could not point to any particular scientific cause. Suitability of training systems is still under study, but systems that take advantage of large vine size with high productivity potential e.

Juice soluble solids are usually higher and titratable acidity is usually lower than for ‘Cayuga White’ Table 3. This will position the shoots downward, reducing their vigor.

All comments are subject clrnel review and will be posted as soon as possible. The wine has good body and no noticeable flavors characteristic of interspecific hybrid grapes. As growth continues, lateral shoots can develop in the cluster zone, necessitating additional leaf removal.

  ISO 6410-1 PDF

This will not only preserve the fruit tgaminette but lessen any possible degradation from spontaneous fermentations, high stem and skin tannins, and the development of volatile acidity. These high-vigor sites can be managed by using divided canopy training, such as Geneva Double Curtain or vertically divided Scott Henry or Smart-Dyson systems.

Cornell University will not apply for a plant patent on ‘Traminette’.

‘Traminette’ Grape

The press conference will be held in conjunction with the opening reception of the 4th International Symposium on Cool Climate Viticulture and Enology. Trials done at the NYSAES showed the vines to be moderately winter hardy, but on heavier soils, trunk injury occasionally occurred. We thank prior project leaders Robert M. However, deep, fertile and well-drained soils can produce excess vigor, leading to fruit shading in the canopy and resulting in lower fruit quality. All juice samples were analyzed for pH, soluble solids by refractometry, and titratable acidity by titration expressed as tartaric acid equivalents.

In New York, Traminette usually ripens during the first two weeks of October. As done with other cultivars, short shoots are best removed or fruit stripped, in order to get higher fruit quality.

Traminette will not be patented. Fruit were first observed in and the original vine was cornell in under the number NY High-vigor sites with richer soil types, as found in the Midwest, can be best served by employing a standard high-cordon system. Wines may be finished dry or semi-dry depending on preferred style. Promising results have been reported from Marquis trials in Arkansas, Indiana, riesch Michigan. Foliage and fruit are moderately resistant to powdery mildew Uncinula necator [Schw.


Services Email this article to a colleague Similar articles in this journal Similar articles in Web of Science Download to citation manager. The foliage can be affected by downy mildew, but standard commercial spraying can control this issue. If high-cordon training is used, some leaf removal at the top can also be beneficial. Growers were instrumental in both the rrisch and the naming process.

New grapes that have been bred for the climate are eagerly anticipated. User Name Password Sign In.

‘Aromella’—An Aromatic White Wine Grape

Pool and Thomas Henick-Kling. Juice and wine analysis.

Tramunette Bordelon at Purdue University. Therefore, delaying harvest is not advised. Own-rooted vines grown in phylloxera Daktulosphaira vitifoliae Fitch -infested soils have been large and productive with vines exhibiting a semitrailing growth habit.

Semi-commercial trials are being prepared in southwest Michigan. An avid follower of the Finger Lakes wine scene and new grape varieties across the East and MidwestPompilio delights in finding new and interesting wines to write about and to taste.