Communion has ratings and reviews. On December 26, , at a secluded cabin in upstate New York, Whitley Strieber went siding with his wife an . If you grew up in the s, you were probably traumatized by the work of Whitley Strieber—the author whose work inspired the ultraviolent. Reading these letters, chosen by Anne Strieber from the thousands they received after publishing Communion, is a life-changing experience. Now available for.

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Goofs When Whitley leaves his vehicle in the ‘final’ stieber to the cabin, the camera cuts to the entire cabin drenched in light.

I don’t think I’ve read one yet that is, though. Return to Book Page.

Beyond COMMUNION: The Strange Case of Whitley Strieber – The 13th Floor

At the same time, the two of you analyzing the UFO myth as an outgrowth of American exceptionalism striebdr privilege in the Cold War era is kind of fascinating. My brother and I were playing hide-and-seek and dad was supposed to come out to find us The oak tree used to be at the back of the field.

It starts off with Whitley’s two abduction stories. It is no more believable than the Bible.

But he actually seems comumnion focus most on the theory that it’s all in his head. There follows one of the most vivid stories about the life of an animal ever written. Even people who would never have thought that a religious problem could be a serious matter that concerned them personally are beginning to ask themselves fundamental questions. For one, Strieber is coming to this book as a writing talent so the book xommunion very eloquently, like that of a great fiction writer.


I believe Strieber’s tale. It’s been out for a long time and I remember what a splash it made upon its initial release. They — and you — will discover what is left of our way of life: Still, if you are curious, this is stfieber one to read.

Beyond COMMUNION: The Strange Case of Whitley Strieber

No one seems to ask these questions. Next morning, the foot of his bed and bedroom floor were drenched. Did they help to feed an elaborate self-delusion… or did they make him aware of something that is usually hidden but demonstrably real?

Is this guy totally crazy or a gigantic liar? Add Tag No Tags, Be the first to tag this record! Reading these letters, chosen by Anne Strieber from the thousands they received after publishing Communion, is a life-changing experience.

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. I mean, here is an author, someone who used to work in advertising, having paranoid delusions and unable to write by his own admission, and then suddenly he’s a best seller at the top of the NY Times best-seller non-fiction lists year after year, sequels, films, etc.

The questions coommunion will be asking yourself while reading it are more along the lines of: I loved your book, but your energy level and persistence in getting your story out, has not been matched by your desire for independent scientific rigor.

Flynn Carroll discovers that the alien police he works with may be worse than the criminals…and our government may know it and be helpless to do anything. This communikn no random creak, no settling of the house, but a sound as if a large number of people were moving rapidly around in the room.


Communion: A True Story

You are commenting using your WordPress. I’m still not sure how this was promoted as proof. You will never forget this immortal horror classic! Edit Storyline Whitley Strieber goes with his family communioh some friends to his holiday home in the forest. Obviously, it is easy to be skeptical when reading a fantastical account such as this.

What she did and what she brought form the core of the Afterlife Revolution. Success Thanks for signing up to our newsletter. From the Book of Revelation to the Book of Mormon, nascent religious movements thrive in moments of crisis and uncertainty.

I sat up in bed, shocked and very curious. I had nightmares about it for years View all 4 comments. What I did next may seem peculiar. Mike Miley told me of this book when it came out in Over the course of this narrative this sort of inappropriate response will be repeated many times.

Streiber himself has been clear that he is not totaly sure what it is really about.

Communion: A True Story by Whitley Strieber

For no reason then apparent, I haddeveloped an unusual habit the previous fall. The radio station announced he was getting quite a few calls reporting the same sighting we saw! The 2nd one was hovering quite low near the water cpmmunion to Highway 30 between Linton and Portland, Oregon at night. But what if it is? We don’t go out much, we rarely drink more than wine, and neither of us has ever used drugs.