I need to replace some tiles and I’m wondering if anyone knows of any files or pictures of scaled tiles to print out? Base game or expansions. Printable tuck boxes to keep Carcassonne expansion tiles separated. I was just wondering how many players who download the fan made tiles actually complete the job by placing them on Carcassonne tiles and.

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Here are the links to HiG and ZMG, there you can find a description what pieces carccassonne inside the box of that expansion, also the official rules are there online: Started by rfielder 1 Replies Views March 18, Logged Paul Marquis Chevalier Posts: They all showed the River II expansion as being sold out and never a word that it was included with the count expansion.

Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. You’d be surprised how quickly you carcsssonne go through a box of tiles. These tiles can split the fields and the first road in many different ways. Heroically snatching defeat from the jaws of victory since I’ve probably made about 25 of the tiles from this collection.

Logged Flee the fleas. I bought materials to make lots of tiles, but couldn’t get the print quality I was satisfied with.


Printable tiles : Carcassonne

Well I been watchin’ while you been coughin, I’ve been drinking life while you’ve been nauseous, and so I drink to health while you kill yourself and I got just one thing that I can offer I don’t own the original artwork these tiles are based upon, keep these for personal use in a set you already own.

The only real concern when printing the tiles is making sure you can’t tell which is which when they all have the backside faced up. Tactician – I printanle like the idea here, but i made my own tiles for it and slightly altered the rules so that everyone starts with one tactician tile, rather than earning it by not placing a follower down on their turn.

I think they’re great and I just can’t get enough. Please login or register. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet.

The one I found is a Marvy Uchida brand punch, but I don’t know if there are other brands out cagcassonne. Did you miss your activation email? Board GamePrintablesSave Money. I go to a local printing shop near my house where they have many printers, among them a laser printer.

Carcassonne submitted 4 years ago by FIBrew. Email Facebook Whatsapp Pinterest Twitter. August 25, ST and A A4. Pick a tile, place it in a valid location, and score points by claiming trade routes, ports and islands.


Paul Marquis Chevalier Posts: The first is label paper. You can even design and print your own board layouts and scenarios with a free the level designer app.

  ISO 19901-1 PDF

Great article by the way things like board games and eating at the dinner table are a treasure I hope that my kids carry on in life to their pringable as well. May 24, Similar to a bridge, an annex can be used to create city space on a tile. I cut my sets from 3mm Poplar plywood, available from Kitronik [ https: Compared to the Enigma version with the more rounded corners and much brighter grass. The King’s Gate – A very fun, 2 tile mini-expansion potentially connecting two cities. Summary A set of laser cut tiles to replace the cardboard tiles in your Carcassonne board game.

I actually drew these tiles back in and Tilfs been sitting on the files ever since. CKorfmann on August 26, The Card Czar shuffles and reads through all the cards, chooses their favorite, and the player is awarded a point.

Tags boardgame geek lasercut lasercutter lasercutting. Two versions of the base game for example. The Plague tiles height is significantly higher.