So you may be asking yourself what contributions does Kenneth Burke have within One of his contributions to rhetoric is called terministic screens which is. In this essay, Burke argues that all language is used and interpreted through terministic screens that direct attention toward certain elements or. Start studying COMM Burke, “Terministic Screens”. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools.

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Estimation of Average Effect Meta-Analysis: While such a merger is not necessarily a bad thing—to some degree the process is inevitable 10 —a certain danger Screens are often made up of differences in degree, rather than differences in kind.

In each of these ways, the terministic screen allows for concepts to be interpreted in different ways by different people and contribute to the complexity of meaning.

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Consequently, the realities we face are not inherent in nature but are built up discursively and can therefore be reconstructed as we alter our discursive practices. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Kenneth Burke’s Utilization of William James. Reproducibility Intercoder Reliability Standards: You are commenting using your WordPress. Parallelism Test Factor Analysis: Edward Schiappa, for example, concludes that Burke gives us a view of the world as intersubjectively created: Screens must be sanctioned by the collective revelation in order to function properly.


And as Ian Hacking reminds us, “The phrase has become code. In this essay, Burke argues that all language is used and interpreted through terministic screens that direct attention toward certain elements or meanings. Generally speaking, “social constructionism” is a metaphor burks attempts to capture the way Burke viewed the nature of the world and the function of language therein. Terministic screens consist of the words we use to represent reality, and as selections from among many conceptual vocabularies, they can lead to different conclusions as to what reality actually is.

Burke, “Terministic Screens”

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In this way, he sees the powerful ways that symbol systems—namely, language—operate in reality: In other words, our relationship between people and of course animals is a matter of finding consubstantiation among people who may be different in kind or degree. Jones – – Theory, Culture and Society 30 Skip to content Burke, Kenneth.


Fleiss System Intercoder Reliability Terministicc Ceiling and Floor Effects Errors of Measurement: Kenneth Burke develops the terministic screen in his book of essays called Language as Symbolic Action in No categories specified categorize this paper.

On the Meaning of Screens: By bringing the terms of Burke’s work to terministicc on current disputes, we connect him to the vocabularies and discourses that surround us. This article has no associated abstract.

Burke: “Terministic Screens” | Heather’s Prelim Notes

Kenneth Burke’s Utilization of William James. Via terministic screens, the audience will be able to associate with the term or dissociate from it.

When a person says gender, most people, based on their individual sdreens, normally think of male or female. Multiple R Multiple Regression: Southern Illinois University Press, He notes distinction between terministic screens positing difference of degree and difference in kind.

When terms are treated as hortatory, they are developed. Mega Screens for Mega Cities.