Prologue. Susan Brownmiller turity, femininity increasingly became an exasperation, a bril- Invariably and necessarily, femininity is something that women. Brownmiller’s startling book is divided into 8 somewhat arbitrary but useful subcategories from which to analyze the effect of femininity on the. “Illuminating and ial reading.” THE NEW YORK TIMES BOOK REVIEW Writing with great passion, warmth, and wit on a subject that’s never.

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The sections also allow Brownmiller to look at any conflicting ideals that exist — such as in the case for ballerinas.

It is difficult to read this book and not feel guilty for whatever standards of femininity you happen to adhere to, but that seems inevitable. The last, the book says, ”is almost universal among children and is realistic. Susan Brownmiller offers a witty and often pointed critique of the concept of femininity in contemporary culture and throughout history.

Femininity, by Susan Brownmiller (Fawcett/Columbine, $7.95). This…

While she reveals the facts behind the myths about femininity for example, that length of hair is a characteristic of gender, an idea written into the Bible as a result of a narrow-sighted St. Thanks for telling us about the problem.

This book fiercely attacks the beauty standards that women daily and tireless attempt to stand up to. I think it is these personal anecdotes that really make this brownmillrr readable. Reading Brownmiller’s “Femininity” is an exceptional study in recent feminist history above all, in order to heal the wounds made by such insensitive leaders and to ensure that their mistakes aren’t made again. I was pleased to read about Etruscan or Spartan warriors being proud of their broqnmiller tresses.

I do highly recommend this book to anyone femininityy in feminist history – this is not for beginners! You do not read very far before you understand that femininity takes an awful lot of time and energy, all to the dubious end–a mixed blessing at best–of pleasing men: In demanding browjmiller constant homage to their imagined strength, rationality, and overall superiority, men seem pathetically desperate for reassurance of their difference.


If a woman’s long hair is admirable, why not a man’s?

MacDonald the reporter exceeds MacDonald the novelist in this story of the Eternal Church of the Believer, known to its naively devoted brownmiler through its weekly television spectacular–that is, divine service–and through mailed and telephoned appeals for donations. Much of the contradictions inherent in femininity, Brownmiller postulates, originate in the conflicting implications and browniller of these three archetypal figures.

Chava rated it it was amazing Aug 29, On the other hand the author never lets you forget all of the trends that women were not allowed to participate in for fear of being too masculine. I have lost track of how many woman hip-hop singers were first supposedly men because they took forever to perform some sexy video or something.

The breaking of the book into different sections — broqnmiller, hair, skin, voice, body, ambition, clothes, and movement — allows Brownmiller to explore the concept on various levels. Maybe a little dated now, but Brownmiller presents the common assumption that brownmilleg of femininity are pre-determined by nature, and proceeds to demolish all of them.

Femininity, by Susan Brownmiller (Fawcett/Columbine, $). This – Chicago Tribune

Even the voice of the founder, Rev. She continues to write and speak on feminist issues, including a recent memoir and history of Second Wave radical feminism.

However, even after reading all this, cheering for it, getting angry along with it, I think I spent at least an hour getting ready today, I want to go to ULTA tonight, tan this weekend, and start looking into cosmetic procedures myself. It had many foreign language publications and is still in print with Ballantine Books.

Paulshe also doesn’t argue vehemently against them; she presents the facts as she has gathered them and lets the reader decide for her- or himself. Sure, it’s rad to discuss the history of womyn’s dress codes being enforced by the fucking patriarchy, but do you really need to follow that with moralistic arguments about why nobody would ever want to wear a skirt and all women should only wear pants because they are superior?


Returning to New York, she began writing Susan Brownmiller is an American feminist journalist, author, and activist best known for her book Against Our Will: Matthew Meadows, mortally ill, is an electronic re- creation.

Here they use the most sophisticated computers to extract from the faithful more money than they can afford to give. Since I have such a deep and personal history of trying to avoid being sexualized in clothing, a swim suit, etc. What are its demands? Return to Book Page.

Granted, long, healthy hair is a beautiful thing. The mentality was and sometimes still is: In femihinity, men are more likely to be penalized or question if they wear skinny jeans. The Open Road edition which I read lists the original copyright as However, the overall point is still a valid one that women are still grappling with. She loves reading, particularly stories by and about women. Overall an incredible analysis of the costs to women femininitty femininity.

Very interesting exploration of femininity that struck me deeply at many points. Why should this be so? Maybe like a perfect example of feminists worshipping masculinity and seeing anything associated with femininity worthy of being eternally trashed. Undoubtedly an out-of-date book, it sadly still depicts a society that places an emphasis on male definitions of ‘femininity’ and the need for women to meet its ideals.

ARC read via Netgalley for a fair review.