to set up the software for your use. This guide shows a workflow that uses application settings. BD FACSDiva Software Quick Reference Guide for the BD LSR II. Compensation Controls in the BD FACSDiva Software Reference Manual. • Default templates are now provided for certain instrument functions. If you are the first user of the day: Boot up the computer and log on to Windows. Wait 10 seconds, then Open the BD FACSDiva software and log on. Allow the.

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A density plot simulates threedimensional event display. Performance check settings are automatically entered into Levey-Jennings plots for performance tracking see the next section. Figure Plot displaying log data in four- and five-log decades Manuall plots display values from 26—,; five-log plots display values from 2.

Getting Started with BD FACSDiva Software

To list all experiments again, click Display All. If there are multiple worksheets in the experiment, options apply only to the active worksheet. Using the Current Tube Pointer When an experiment is open, a gray pointer or plot icon appears next to tubes in the Browser. This tutorial demonstrates how to use biexponential display and the Snap-To tethering feature in a batch analysis.

The software sotware to version FCS 3. Finding Saved Data Use the search field at the top of the Browser to search the database for experiments containing specific Browser elements, reagents, custom keyword names or values, or population names.

Revision A Last Revision: Expand the specimen to see the current acquisition tube. Resize it so it fits on the worksheet. The appropriate Inspector is displayed when the line or arrow is selected in the worksheet.

  ISO 20483 PDF

When this preference is selected which is the default settinginstrument settings for unrecorded tubes in an experiment linked to a named setup are automatically updated when the setup changes.

For each type of plot dot, contour, density, and histogramspecific formatting and editing features are available. When an experiment contains multiple global worksheets, each assigned to a different tube, check this box to maintain worksheet assignments during a batch analysis. All rights More information. All experiments must be closed before you can delete the folder containing them.

Worksheet—hides or shows the Worksheet window; see Worksheets on page Any plots that use a missing parameter will appear grayed out the missing parameter is crossed out. One tube is created per copy, from 1—50 tubes.

We cannot be held liable for any problems arising from More information. Keyword changes are automatically updated in the Keywords tab of the corresponding Inspector. Archiving Experiments There are two ways to archive experiments.

Ratios are calculated softwade uncompensated linear data and are always reported in linear.

The Export dialog appears. About This Guide 9.

NOTICE If a plot displaying the Time parameter is hidden during acquisition or recording, no data will be shown for the time in which it was hidden. If you are upgrading the software, carefully follow the upgrade instructions provided with the CD. Using Administrative Options Macintosh is a trademark of Apple Computer, Inc. See Creating a New User on page 21 in this guide.

BD FACSCanto II Quick Reference Manual

Experiments are also saved when you close an experiment or quit the software. Otherwise, label must be chosen in dialog box that appears.


Drag an offset handle to offset a segment from the center point; Shiftclick a quadrant marker to return the gate to its rectilinear form and return gate labels to their default position.

FlowJo is a trademark of Tree Star, Inc. Define selections by clicking Add Value, selecting the value in the Value field, and entering the required text. See Importing a Panel Referece on page Contact your BD Biosciences sales representative for up-to-date requirements.


You can also add items using menu commands or keyboard shortcuts. Enable the option to automatically delete experiments after export.

Tools for Data Analysis viii Worksheets. If you are a new user, use the tutorials to get started with the software. The plot s scales adjust to fit the P5 population: Snap-To Interval Gate button—draws an Interval gate automatically around a range of events on a dot or contour plot or histogram.

With this method, density levels are not based on the maximum number of events. If the window is too narrow, pulses might be measured incompletely.

Alternatively, open Experiment Layout, click the Keywords tab, select the experiment element containing the keyword you want to delete, and click Edit. San Jose, CA For information on creating these elements, see the corresponding sections in this chapter.

To start the software, do the following: Softwqre worksheet can have up to pages.