We So Seldom Look on Love: Stories. Barbara Gowdy, Author HarperCollins Publishers $20 (0p) ISBN Hailed as a remarkable collection of short stories when it was first released in , We So Seldom Look on Love is Barbara Gowdy’s wholly original and pow.. . A young, beautiful, female necrophile, obsessed with the moment that life turns to death, begins an intense relationship with a medical student that inevitab.

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Published June 1st by Zoland Books first published Her concision — this is a thin volume — means that she doesn’t retread material. That with each year, humankind undoes the chains that biology and physics and wf universe or God have wrapped around us.

This is such a neat little book. They are all about people who have an oddness about them – a conjoined twin bit attached, an extra big head, deformities of all kinds and degrees of hardships.

We so seldom look on love: stories – Barbara Gowdy – Google Books

You’re right back where you started. So finally I decided to knock this one off my reading list. Gowdy has a beautiful writing style.

Body and Soul, Challenges the sanity of an elderly grandmother Aunt Bea in foster home for young girls; If you are looking for a smart, intelligent human sexual drama in ordinary realms with a satisfactory conclusion — this book is not for you. May 20, Kamalendu Nath rated it really liked it. Buy it for your bookshelf.

Many of the stories DO depict the characters attempting to escape their abnormality or other characters coming to accept the abnormal one’s abnormality as just one aspect of an otherwise complete individual. The emotional footprint is identical.

We So Seldom Look on Love

I thoroughly enjoyed reading these short st I thoroughly enjoyed this one. We So Seldom Look on Love is the story of those who, ww some error in the system, didn’t turn out the same. Apr 19, Lawrie added it. When folks ask me if there’s anything I won’t write about, I think of this story, because Gowdy has proven that a lovve writer can write about anything.


Body and Soul l. Who wants to write the same story as everyone else? And I just can’t stop thinking about them. So you’d think I would have been more than prepared for a second foray into Gowdy’s macabre territory in this book of stories. Who wants to be the same as others?

Many of Gowdy’s characters would be considered oddities — the eccentric extras ew for “a bit of colour” even by authors I love like Anais Nin — but in these stories they’re neither peripheral and decorative, nor simply ordinary humans in peculiar circumstances, but complex, intriguing characters, that both make sense and stay strange.

Many of Gowdy’s characters would be considered oddities — the eccentric extras Gorgeous, disturbing short stories by a writer I had never heard of.

The ebb and flow of foreshadowing, conflict, rising action, etc are identical. I thoroughly enjoyed this one. Each time I came back to it after a long break, I could hear my inner shouting “Effing shut up already! As morbid esldom disturbing as that is, it is also a very refreshing and compelling way of looking at love and obsession and life and death.

The book keeps you on your toes, capturing your interest and curiosity. Peer pressure, in short, which helps everyone be on the same page but also demonizes ideas and persons exotic from us.

Why would you bully someone for looking sldom speaking or being different? Want to Read saving…. Lovd I love every one of the characters. The closest example I have read would be Edgar Alan Poe, but he’s more creepy. Some stories worked better than others, which is expected in any compilation of short stories, but overall, I applaud Gowdy for putting the powerful amount of effort she did into this book. Nov 18, Barbarw Slaughter rated it it was amazing.


Inhuman is the word I’d use.

I didn’t enjoy reading it, although I enjoyed Gowdy’s skill. The book keeps you on you It’s really hard to rate this book – I’ve never been more disturbed while reading a book and had to stop somewhere to take a break. She addresses the fringe of human nature, and writes with the exacting sensation of biting into aluminum foil. Dec 29, Leticia Cubias rated it it was amazing. But the notion of structuring society primarily on efficiency seems, well, it seems wrong, doesn’t it?

Defs give this one a chance if you have an iron stomach. But the truth they’ve invented is bizarre, brilliant, and easy to believe.

We So Seldom Look on Love: Stories

View all 4 comments. Sylvie, is gifted with memory retention but burdened with a Siamese twin, Sue, from belly down; goes through her own adventure growing up, encounters love and a twin sexual encounter, is to loose Sue – on which she is conflicted. There exists in the heart of humankind a disease, a conservative, conformist notion of ‘normalcy’ that serves the very useful function of unifying disparate desires and gowdg patterns into a singular, cooperative mindset capable of achieving great things.