As Mentiras de Locke Lamora (Portuguese Edition) [Scott Lynch] on . *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Diz-se que o Espinho de Camorr é um. As Mentiras de Locke Lamora (Em Portugues do Brasil) [Scott Lynch] on Amazon .com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Uma historia original, vigorosa e. Buy Las mentiras de Locke Lamora / The Lies of Locke Lamora: Libro primero de las crónicas de los Caballeros Bastardos / Book One of the Gentleman Bastard.

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View all 28 comments. There are characters mentioned all through out, but have yet to be introduced, I personally want to meet locke’s lost love sooner rather than later, but that has yet to happen.


The others began to jeer. Secretly, the Bastards have ce been using elaborate schemes to swindle various nobles out of large sums, and have amassed a considerable fortune; they purchase the trinkets they pass on to Barsavi as tribute, in accordance with their small-time reputation. I’m talking about the first hundred pages, because names of people and places were thrown at me from nowhere, to the point where I felt stupid because I didn’t fully grasp everything the characters were talking about.

The plot is clever, and ingeniously spun.

Taught at the Therin Collegium. He’s from the city of Camorr, a beautiful Venice like metropolis, where alchemical lights of all colors are reflected by the famous glass towers in the center of the city. Prior to that I had just about every job you usually see in this s I was born in St. Quotes from The Lies of Locke I love that as well. The effect was disorienting at first as the story sometimes overspills the bounds of its plot and I would often find myself drifting between intrigued and indifferent.

It felt like years went by while I tried to ge 2. We can’t keep this shit up all day; other people do walk by the mouth of this damned alley!

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It builds the world. I’m up on the roof of the temple across the way. This book was that, and so much more. Oh believe me, I know I read az all wrong, blah blah blah, skim skim skim and all that crap. Lynch’s powers to create an outstanding and so alive fantasy world. So the place, ah, the harbor city of Camorr, with shadowed mnetiras alleys, complex canals and charming luxury.

How about this character we’ll call him Locke is absolutely fallible and occasionally screws up on a cosmic level? Retrieved December 3, This is the story of Xe Lamorra, master thief extraordinaire, and his band of thieves, The Gentlemen Bastards. The swearing made it hilarious and I loved it so much.

It was constantly smart and concise and often had really short chapters that packed a grand punch. Meanwhile, a mysterious criminal calling himself the Gray King has been killing Barsavi’s most trusted garristas; fearing for his safety, Barsavi has sequestered himself in his ship-fortress, the Floating Grave.

Shackled to their wagons and huddled in the alleged protection of long leather ponchos, they were let out each morning to enjoy what sun they could when they weren’t cursing the dubious accuracy with which several thousand Camorri emptied their chamber pots.


But don’t let that fool you, cross re line and you’ll meet The Sisters, Jeans deadly weapon. There are moments of victory where I whooped with joy, and there are moments of absolute terror, where everything seems as though it will fall apart.

Easy 5 stars for the enjoyable ride. I loved this book although it is not perfect and there were some things about it that annoyed me a tiny bit.

The Lies of Locke Lamora

Which loosely translates to: Locke’s legendary wits are required to guide his merry band of thieves out of this mess safely. But the language in my books is pretty genteel and tame. Okay, mentirqs about, a short list of everything perfect about this book? He was simultaneously clever, witty and capable Left without resources and needing funds to somehow strike back at Raza, Locke tries to complete the con against the Salvaras. And yes, they are twins, which makes it even better somehow. Their wayward female associate Sabetha is mentioned, but resides elsewhere during the events of the novel.


I loved the twists and turns, the surprises, and of course the cons pulled by Locke and co. And I laughed so much because it’s absolutely hilarious and clever and witty and insanely clever and did I mention how clever it is yet??!?

The Lies of Locke Lamora (Gentleman Bastard, #1) by Scott Lynch

Jean and Bug save him, but they realize that the Gray King has double-crossed them; they return to their secret lair and find their wealth stolen and the Sanza twins brutally murdered. Paul area my entire life; currently, just across the border in Wisconsin, about half an hour east of the Twin Cities. Locke races back to the tower from which he escaped and mdntiras to convince Vorchenza and the Salvaras of the danger, and the devices are defused.

Some of the world-building aspects can be really info dumpy and they’re spread throughout the book that it hurts the lakora a bit when it happened cause I should reread the paragraph sometimes.

Bug was poling them north along Camorr’s main commercial waterway, the Via Camorrazza, toward the Shifting Ws, and the city was lurching into life around them. View all 8 comments. Seriously, this book is hilarious. And that’s pretty much all I know about it.

Maybe my top five.