Eulogy on King Philip: as pronounced at the Odeon, in Federal Street, Boston / by the Rev. William Apes. Main Author: Apess, William, Language(s): . In the early s, Native people in southern New England were entering their third century of struggle against invasion, disease, war and. Apess’s last published work, Eulogy on King Philip (), has been described as his “most powerful and sustained polemic.” Originally delivered as a series of .

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June having arrived, three instead of one are kihg. He drew from the history of relations between Native Americans and the colonists, as well as relations within the United States. What strategies does he use to undermine the prejudices that he expects his audience to have? And it is certain their boundaries were set to their respective tribes; so that each one knew his own range. The Doctor closes thus: By this we see how true Philip spoke.

At the same time some of the females were so frightened that some of them undertook to make their escape, upon which they were fired upon. But was it so when the Indian women fell into the hands of the Pilgrims? It should arrive mid-day on Tuesday, which might give you enough time to wait for it. If this be suffered, I shall not rest quiet within my everlasting habitation. What say you, judges, is it not so, and was it not according as they did?

Treachery, however, hastened his ruin; one of his men, by hope of reward from the deceptive Pilgrims, betrayed his country into their hands. Accordingly, on the 19th day of December, after the Pilgrims had been out in the extreme cold for nearly one month, lodging in tents, and their provision being short, and the air full of snow, they had no other alternative than to attack Philip in the fort.

William Apess, “Eulogy on King Philip,” Speech Text – Voices of Democracy

But must I say, and shall I say it, that missionaries have injured us more than they have done us good, by degrading us as a people, in breaking up our governments and leaving us without any suffrages whatever, or a legal right among men?


No, it has not the least appearance like it. Before my eyes were fast closed, methought I saw a vision, at which my spirit was much troubled. Let every friend of the Indians now seize the mantle of Liberty and throw it over those burning elements that has spread with such fearful rapidity, and at once extinguish them forever. Now let us see who the eylogy savages were; the person that stole the corn was a stout athletic man, and because of this they wished to spare him and take an old man who was lame and sickly and that used to get his living by weaving, and because they thought he would not be of so much use to them, apesw was, although innocent of any crime, hung in his stead.

“Eulogy on King Philip as Pronounced at the Odeon”

Others settled permanently in small reserves or enclaves. His parents separated, and the five children were cared for by their maternal grandparents. We rather suspect that he was some related to Lucas and Hedge, who made their famous speeches against the poor Marshpees, inin the Legislature, in Boston, against freeing them from slavery that their fathers, the Pilgrims, had made of them for years.

Now let us review this a little.

And never could a prince answer with more dignity in regard to his official authority than he did -disdaining the idea of placing himself upon a par of the minor subjects of a king; letting them know, at the same time, that he felt his independence more than they thought he did.

What dignity there was kimg this man; and we do not wonder that he felt so indignant at the proceedings of the then called Christians.

William Apess

According to his autobiography, his father was mixed Pequot and European American, as Apess’ white paternal grandfather had married a Pequot woman. The attack was made near Sugarloaf Hill.

If eulogu would like to authenticate using a different subscribed institution that supports Shibboleth authentication or have your own login and password to Project MUSE, click ‘Authenticate’. Notwithstanding this, he strove to get them to join him; and here it is said that Philip did not do that which was right, that he killed some of the Mohawks and laid it to philkp whites in order that he might get them to join him.

Hearing their grievances against white overseers and settlers who stole their wood, he helped organize what was called the Mashpee Revolt of It might well be said he was a pattern kinv the Christians themselves; but by the Pilgrims he is denounced, as being a savage. But, on the contrary, his suffering Master commanded him to love his enemies and to pray for his persecutors, and to do unto others as he would that men should do unto him.


It was no savage war of surprise as some suppose, but one sorely provoked by the Pilgrims themselves. I appeal to you, who value your friends and affectionate mothers, if you would have robbed them of their fine marble, and your storehouses broken open, without calling those to account who did it. Is it by fair means? What issues does Apess stress? As is typical for early nineteenth-century book illustrations, [End Page ] artist and engraver are unattributed within the Eulogyand scholars have so far been unable to identify either.

In this, Massachusetts, Plymouth, and Connecticut all join in severally, to crush Philip. But when we are so deceived, it spoils all our confidence in our visitors.

Should you not think they were beings made more like rocks than men?

Apess Reading Notes

Oft have I been surprised at the conduct of those who pretend to be Christians, to see how they were affected toward those who were of a different cast, professing one faith.

He had been killed after the colonists had poisoned his brother and violated several treaties. Would you like to see them slain and lain in heaps, and their bodies devoured by the vultures and wild beasts of prey, and their bones bleaching in the sun and air, till they molder away or were covered by the falling leaves of the forest, and not resist?

I would here say, there is an error in my book; it speaks of aepss 25th of December, but it should be the 22nd. That he had neglected to bring in his arms, although competent time had been given him.