We’re an online A Battery Cell Reseller. A cells are not to be charged or discharged to the same voltages as Lipoly packs, therefore do not use these cells unless you are aware of the differences. products offers a lifepo4 battery pack products. About 50% of these are rechargeable batteries, 41% are battery packs, and 1% are auto.

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Battery 12v 7ah Lithium Battery 12v 7ah w Lithium Battery 12v 7ah. First time I hear about 14S, that is a beast have any videos to share? That is cells, not packs. At 2p you would have 3. Electrify With NMC To meet the growing demands of electric vehicles, our product portfolio has been expanded to include a diverse range of solutions including nickel manganese cobalt NMC technology. I have a 3S pack in a Sensei trainer that I use with my student pilots.

It looks like sweet spot for VESC is 10s lithium a12 voltagearound kv motor. A12 the packs are configured depends on the space they have to fit in. This is one pack? Any advise will be appreciated. Since I have lost two cells to crashes. I’ve heard of people selling these on ebay but it’s chancy or hard to find an honest seller that has new ones versus recycled or factory rejects.

a lifepo4 | eBay

Sorry, just a stolen name. Sure like some larger ones like radical rc 3. LiFePo4 Akku A battery pack with connector Heres a pic of the packs I built. I’m looking and sharing anything good I find.

The a1223 supports Trade Assurance — A free service that protects your orders from payment to delivery. Ken Myers Registered User.


Some have lifepo44 they use these and they’re very durable long lasting almost indestructible. Two of the cells are in the typical place for a LiPo pack, and one is behind the former next to the LiPo compartment.

Go 12s2p if you have space for it. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I built a 9S2P pack and a 10S2P pack for one of my flying buddies who converted a couple of his gasoline powered planes. A Rechargeable Battery A mah Battery.

a123 lifepo4 battery pack

I have much to learn… Do you mean it also doubles the discharge rate? What do you think about the 3. How to build packs with A cells can still be found online.

I ordered both the 12S and 10S, just to be sure Also, why do you say this: Join the team, lead the future We push to be on the forefront of innovation, helping power new technology revolutions around the world. Runs with a 3s hacker geared inrunner and a On the rare occasion it does, the packs, or cells go into other projects.

A Systems – Automotive Lithium-ion Solutions

Why do you say it is safer please? Sure would like to find 3. Images View all Images in thread Views: Considering the increasing weight issue, this may be good to start with. Less sag means better efficiency as you drain the battery under load, especially near the end of the charge. You can also choose from 3v, 12v.

I always try to draw between 33 and 37 amps, with 35 amps being the target draw, as 35 amps yields about watts in per cell. Wholesale high quality lifepo4 anr mAh 3. The purpose of the LiFePo4 is to have a safer and more durable battery, so I will keep them for now.


The purpose of the LiFePo4 is to have a safer and more durable battery, lifelo4 I will keep them for now Thanks again! Do your batteries have memory effect9 Re: Share where we can buy these today. My flying buddy, Keith Shaw uses all kinds of A packs in various cell counts.

I’m still just looking and want to buy enough to build at least 2 medium to large High Voltage packs 18v to 21v 6 or 7 cells either 3. About product and suppliers: No real problem doing so. This may be a good plan 6 cells 19v mah pack equivalent to pifepo4 5s lipo at 17oz Enough to make 3 packs keeping some spare in reserve. Relevancy Transaction Level Response Rate. Your battery pack should be able to cover the max amp draw and regen from the esc, with some safety overhead headroom.

A, even at 12s2p you get about wh. How do you make your packs 5 cells or like max 7 cells I don’t have experience with these or making my packs but found that under moderate load in an article voltage is about 3v per cell at 30a load so am I about right to make a 7 cell pack to get an average 21 volts service I plan on moderate loads with WW1 warbirds maybe llifepo4 amps with 13 or 14″ props Of course I will keep exploring, as I said, I have much to learn I will make sure everything fits and the board and I believe that will make me decide.