the law, Article 8 of the Environmental Conservation Law,; the regulations, 6 NYCRR Part , to other portions of the Handbook, to Article 8, or to Part 6 NYCRR PART STATE ENVIRONMENTAL QUALITY REVIEW. Statutory authority: Environmental Conservation Law. Sections. RE: NO to changes to 6 NYCRR Part I am opposed to changes to 6 NYCRR Part which would move certain Unlisted Actions to Type II.

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When a population cannot tolerate or are supposed to avoid certain environmental conditions, the SEQR process should be used to account for and assess this reality. The purpose of the State Environmental Quality Review SEQR Act is to avoid or limit possible negative impacts on the environment from proposed actions such as adopting land use plans, area and use variances, building a housing development or a roadway or filling wetlands.

This will auto-fill questions on topics most users are unfamiliar with. There is no checking by the FCC; the industry is left to self-regulate when there is no local oversight.

They also cause incorrect reading in the electric watt hour meters because the meters are nyctr for accurate operation at 60 Hertz. Actions that are classified as a Type I Action pursuant oart These existing structures include any structure in the environment- a utility pole, a flagpole, a billboard, a church steeple, even potentially a tree!

In other words, the standards were not set on the basis of chronic exposures to humans which existed in the literature at the time the standards were adopted in and the DOI points out that they were out-of-date when adopted:.

The form can be completed using existing information; either from the applicant’s knowledge of the site and proposed activity, or by exploring the information and maps available through the EAF Workbooks. The Lead Agency conducting the SEQR review must determine if a proposed action may or will not have significant adverse impacts on the environment. pagt

Study of self-reported hypersensitivity to electromagnetic fields in California. Clearing up Confusion on Unwanted Voltages.

State Environmental Quality Review Act (SEQRA)

Joseph Van Eaton, Esq. The high frequency transients created by solar inverters is no secret to the manufacturers and the engineering solutions exist to address this nycrf. Aisry speaks to the industrial character of these small cells which are not minimizing the footprint of cell towers as some people have been lead to believe: Copyright Manhattan Neighbors for Safer Telecommunications.


What other substance or agent under review by an agency of the federal government, would the State of 67 York gut its own regulations for to promote increased levels of it in public? Electromagnetic Biology and Medicine, Volume patt 4 IEEE subcommittee 4 focused on evidence of behavioral disruption under acute exposures…Because the threshold for disruption in non-human primates always exceeded a whole-body SAR of 3.

Gerard Lavery Lederer, Esq. The FCC emphasized this in a Public Notice that nhcrr that Section a refers to existing cell sites only [2]. This certainly does not serve the people of New York who would live with these consequences near their homes, parks, schools, scenic, cultural and historic areas.

Nina Beety, a Californian in the population of those with severe electromagnetic sensitivities expressed this reality to California nycrd. The results have been published in several, peer-reviewed scientific journals. The issue of transients, harmonics and power quality [26] [27] [28] is a technically complex one; cell towers, smart meters and other wireless devices also put these stressors on the grid.

EMS is recognized by the U. Bioelectromagnetics, 22 1 City Planner Aisry goes on to make these comments about 5G installations effectively being industrial cell towers and not small unobtrusive equipment:. It is a reality already affecting many Americans today. There are partt other unfunded costs to this bill.

Browse – New York Codes, Rules and Regulations

The Access Board [16] and the Department of Labor [17] recommend turning things off to the levels at which someone with EMF sensitivity can tolerate. Monitoring and remediation of on-farm and off-farm ground current measured as step potential on a Wisconsin dairy farm: Four years later, they still have not acted on the over nycrd [6]many of which stated that the standards are grossly inadequate.

If radiation conditions are increased to the point where more people cannot even tolerate their own home and cannot go outdoors in some public places, ppart promoting these conditions should be stopped, or in this case not authorized in the 6177 place. In some instances, carriers have proposed brand new wooden poles feet in height or new steel poles up to feet height — for Mobilitie in the public right-of-way under the guise of being a Small Cell, when they appear to mimic the same negative effects of monopoles; that seems somewhat oart in terms of the overall trend line in better designed wireless infrastructure.


Furthermore, on an electric pole now, there are electric lines, phone lines, 5G small cells, possibly a smart meter, cooling fans, batteries and other electrical equipment. How will they get access to goods and services? Sensitivity of Holsteins to 60 Hz and Other Waveforms.

Unable to display Facebook posts. These types of transients have been associated with major drops in milk production with dairy cows [20] [21] [22] [23] [24] [25]. The FCC should not be promoting any rollouts of more transmitters at this time. The Access Board also recommends meeting people outside to conduct business and the 67 of Labor suggests telecommuting where appropriate.

Manhattan Neighbors on Facebook Unable to display Facebook posts. Discretionary review of these structures should be maintained; this right certainly should not be taken away, and should in fact be mandated via Type 1 given the issues at play. Skip to Main Content. Environ Health Perspect ; Suppl.

Part 617 State Environmental Quality Review

The Governor ignores the dire environmental issues with 5G small cells. It is needed more than ever.

Who is watching out for the phone workers, the electric line workers and those serving the 5G unit or smart meter?

This can only be because they are doing the bidding of industry, which wants what Congress would not give it. They may cause circuit breakers to fail to interrupt circuits, which is a great safety issue.

Manhattan Neighbors for Safer Telecommunications.