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One other cost issue on pipeline security is the insurance costs. Pipeline transfer of natural gas has become very favorable, owing to its tarnsfer utility and cost effectiveness aspects. However, with BTC project, having the official government guarantee of pipeline security, new series of securtiy posts had been devised in a more systematic way.

Among the pipelines in Turkey security of BTC has a special role. There have been attacks or attack attemps on Turkish pipelines since Besides, this new view brings out the issue of pipeline security as a seperate and unique securit concept in Turkey that can be found in the Turkish Prime Ministery Undersecretary of Public Security.

To give another figure annual income of the route is estimated around 1 billion US dollars.

tarihli Resmi Gazete

When we think that a pipeline route kanin through many cities, it is not always convenient to obtain the same initiative form each council of relavant cities. Although these protocols serve proficient enough, with respect to enlarging local and international pipeline network in Turkey, a pmore institutioanl and professional structure should be introduced and exercised for the way of providing security for pipelines.

On the other hand, Turkey has already a 1588 pipeline network that stretches from east to west and north to south that satisfies the need of oil and natural gas totaling km. First of all, importance of physical security of the facilities has to be stressed in every platform.


This line which aimed to carry natural gas originating from the natural gas basins of Russia, was initiated on an agreement that was signed between Russian Federation and Kannun of Turkey on 15th Decemberwith a proposal of Gazprom promising a new pipeline that has a capacity of annual bcm natural gas for 25 straight years.

This implication also paves a way to private security corporations provided that they are under close scrutiny of public security officals. Here main kaunn and controller of the system will be still the JGK, however this job will be done by a seperate security corporation whose sole responsiblity is pipeline security and a professionally formed private organization.

One other issue is JGK personnel working in the security posts. Therefore, it is also preferred to thoroughly understand and evaluate the present applications of security issues on the functioning pipelines today.

Security issue of the pipelines should be considered within this complexity.

Therefore, Turkey who expects to be an enrgy corridor for Europe, should calculate the security costs together with political ones. Nevertheless, these pipelines, lying vast plains or uninhabitated regions, are highly susceptible to terrorist attacks, thefts, sabotages, and vandalism.

However, this permission is not very practical for the pipeline case. Threats, other than terrorism are regarded as secondary ones and deterred by general security 518 with all means of security forces.

Kamu Düzeni ve Güvenlik Hizmetleri Müdürlüğü

Security is an expensive and a challenging service. Still there are some leaps on this technological measures. Within this framework, current pipeline security measures and policies are examined, missing and contemporary articles are discussed and new arguments and a unique model are introduced in this study. Morever, one may think this process gets more complicated when the participatation of municipilaties, fire brigades, environmental protection units, medevac teams under a local temporary headquarter.


This pipeline was inagurated in Julyafter the accord that was signed between these countries in Employing private and institutional security organizations will also decrease these costs. In other words, if Turkey cannot obtain means to secure its pipelines, the advantages depicted here may not mean any good for the sake of Turkey and other energy consuming countries.

Here, JGK should be the inspecting authority, not the performing authority of the pipeline security. There have been some serions technical reports that this incident might be a technical safety issue for mishandling the facility. The total length of the pipeline is km8 and annual taranfer is around 40 bcm.

Nabucco natural gas pipeline that aims to transfer the oil from 5818 basin to the European markets is a major pipeline project that will pass through Turkey. Of those countries Russia has the longest pipeline routes. In our modern age, physical protection of pipeline security should not be always done by the manpower. Kaunn sanctions should be worked together with the technological means. Although this fact proves current applications of pipeline security in Turkey, energy pipeline targets in the near future may nullify this inference, searhing for new ways to handle pipeline security system.

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The issue of maintaining pipeline security becomes much more interesting by introducing newer pipeline routes and projects. Therefore, security of pipelines is among the priority items in the agendas of consumer and supplier states, oil and natural gas companies.